Final Fantasy 16 Is Rated Mature Because It’s More Realistic And Regulations Are Stricter

Game Informer: "We talk to Creative Business Unit III about how this game became the first in the mainline series to get an M rating."

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Nyxus112d ago

Doesn't take much for a game to receive a 18+ rating. Good to hear they decide to go for mature rating so they don't have to limit their vision.

gold_drake112d ago

im all for a mature Final Fantasy

Hofstaderman112d ago

Bring it on. The 22nd can’t arrive fast enough.

Nacho_Z112d ago

Won't do it any harm. Probably the opposite.

Eonjay112d ago

This is what make Final Fantasy so interesting... its always evolving and changing. And not just in battle system but now in thematic presentation.


Dead Space vet leaves studio he founded after The Callisto Protocol flops

Three executives are leaving The Callisto Protocol developer Striking Distance Studios following the game's commercial underperformance, including studio co-founder and Dead Space veteran Glen Schofield.

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-Foxtrot21h ago

I didn't mind The Callisto Protocol but the DLC really soured me, made everything feel pointless

Also these types of articles...why are we allowing articles where you need to pay to read the entire thing on here.

GodsSon908h ago

That sucks. I’m enjoying it so far.

RaidenBlack2h ago

Having a hunch ... Glen Schofield might boomerang back to EA or Activision.
Or what if Sony lets them form a new studio under PS umbrella?

Vengeance11387h ago

Loved Callisto Protocol alot though it did walk a little too closely in Dead Space's shadow. Would be great to see them seperate more in a sequel.

P_Bomb6h ago

Schofield’s gone, among others? How long before they shutter? I platinumed it, wasn’t the worst game.

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Microsoft would buy Valve 'if opportunity arises,' said Phil Spencer in leaked email

But its prime target was Nintendo, according to a 2020 email leaked during the FTC v Microsoft trial.

Sonic18811d 7h ago

Microsoft is getting exposed big time. Now I know why FTC tried to block them

-Foxtrot1d 5h ago

Yet despite the insane about of power hungry evidence…they still failed

Obscure_Observer1d 4h ago


"Yet despite the insane about of power hungry evidence…they still failed"

And will continue to fail as long as they put interest of a Multibillionaire companies like Sony, first, over consumer´s interest.

-Foxtrot1d 3h ago

Sony? We’re talking about Microsoft man

The biggest deflect I’ve seen…

solideagle11h ago

lol Obscure, what about trillion dollar company over billion dollar company?

tagzskie10h ago

@foxtrot yeah too many evidence and still pass, Now im curious whose the judge handling the case of acrivision.. And next time i wish the trial is live stream just like amber and johny depp so all the people can see..

blacktiger6h ago

We talking about Microsoft and you talking about Sony? They are not even part of FTC conversation

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MrDead1d 6h ago

And we now know there is no consumer protection to stop it. MS is the worst thing to happen to gaming.

Obscure_Observer1d 4h ago

No, it´s not. It´s business as usual.

You´re here complaining on every Xbox article, and behind the scenes you´re still supporting Microsoft by given them money while help them to achieve their goals!

MrDead1d 3h ago Show
13h ago
cthulhucultist10h ago

Just leave it to rest Obscure.

It is now abundantly clear that MS, given time and permission, would buy most third party publishers in order to outspend and remove the competition.

If this is something that you feel its ok or business as usual, then unfortunately you are not as genuine gamer as you claim to be.

It is in our best interest to stop these practices as the consolidation of the market will lock many people into ecosystems and previously enjoyed multiplayer games will be released exclusively under subscriptions.

Doesnt matter who does it (MS, Sony, Nintendo,Tescent Amazon etc), it only matters that we accelerate this process by not condoning such actions and by not voting with our wallets.

I cant believe that you support this attitude.

gold_drake10h ago

you're are absolutely right, it is business, but if said business is playing monopoly with a sort unending supply of money, it reeks corruption.

as if MS doesnt have enough of it already.