Street Fighter 6 Reveals Unlockable Outfit 2 For All Characters Including Classic Costumes

Just a  couple of days away from the launch of Street Fighter 6, Capcom shared a new trailer focusing on all characters' second unlockable costumes.

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SullysCigar121d ago

Unlockable as in no additional purchase? You seeing this, Diablo 4?

Terry_B121d ago

..they can be unlocked via money as well. And you can bet your ass that SF6 is going to get a ton of additional costumes that won't be obtainable through playing alone.

Snookies12121d ago

Very true, but hey at least you can get one set for free lol. I'm being semi-genuine when I say that, with today's gaming landscape.

oIMyersIo121d ago

Double Standards because ABK/Xbox.

CrimsonWing69121d ago

So glad they didn't censor her outfit.

blackblades120d ago

Ikr, feels like it's been a long time since we seen something like that in years. I know she had that costume in previous games but now its how the model is that makes it o_O

PapaBop121d ago

Hurray, can see Cammy's ass sweat, 2023, what a time to be alive!


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Snookies1230d ago

Can't lie, I personally hate her hair... It's far worse than even the most ridiculous Final Fantasy hairstyle, lol. Give me Seymour hair from FF X any day over this.

Ryuha1234h30d ago

What does Final Fantasy have to do with Street Fighter? Two different type of games.

Snookies1229d ago

You serious? It's an example. I'm talking about the HAIR specifically, not the series itself. A lot of people poke fun at Final Fantasy hair styles. That's why I referenced it.


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