Six new Evercade carts revealed, including two Duke Nukem collections

Games Asylum: "Blaze Entertainment has just finished wrapping up its Evercade Showcase Vol 1. We were convinced a ZX Spectrum collection was on the cards. While that didn’t happen, what was revealed was arguably far more exciting."

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darthv72119d ago

Not gonna lie... the Evercade showcase was much better than Sony's.


FTC Resumes the Fight Against Microsoft's Acquisition of Activision Blizzard

The FTC has resumed its administrative case against the proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft after having temporarily paused it in July.

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erinlime18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

The FTC will continue its case 21 days after the 9th Circuit ruling on the FTC's appeal, which will likely pass.

There is no preliminary injunction stopping the merger from happening, meaning Microsoft can go ahead with the acquisition, however the FTC can still break them up if they win the case.

Abriael18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

It's a big if, especially since that would have to go through three degrees of judgment before it becomes effective. The chance of such a decision surviving the Supreme Court is basically zero.

What they're doing now is basically wasting taxpayer money in the hope that the loss will push congress to give them more powers so that they're less likely to lose in future cases.

erinlime18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

I think it's pretty clear the FTC isn't seeking to waste taxpayer money, considering they've also recently started a similar antitrust court case against Amazon. Too much corporate consolidation is harmful to the industry as you can see with what's going on with Embracer Group shutting down studios they bought, and while it's fair to also not approve of Sony acquisitions (and I would agree), it's impossible to find a parallel on the same scale as what Microsoft is attempting.

Abriael18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

They have lost. They know it. We know it. Everyone knows it.
Two courts have already found their arguments lacking and that was before Microsoft pulled the rug completely from the cloud part of the case by selling the rights to Ubisoft.
Whatever the administrative judge decides will
1: be too late. The acquisition is closing as soon as the CMA gives its final approval next week.
2: Useless, as seeking a divestiture would have to go through courts that have already decided against the FTC and have absolutely no reason to change their mind.

So yes. They're literally wasting money and resources, and forcing the companies involved to do the same.

Christopher13h ago

***They have lost. They know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. ***

No, not really. They can still require concessions similar to the CMA to make it happen.

Abriael10h ago

@christopher. No they can't. The acquisition will have long closed by when they get around to it.

fsfsxii2h ago

dude shilling hard as if he gets paid by MS

Sephiroushin1h ago

he is been on the media for some years, i would not be surprised!

slate9151m ago

Yall start throwing around the 'shilling' word when arguments start to go over your head or you just simply don't know what you're talking about.

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Markdn1h ago

Abriael, no they can still. Demand concession even after it's closed. Do some. Research bud. It's can be along the lines of,... We have no choice to but to break apart the company, unless you sell blah blah to blah etc.

This is. Common practise. Stop trying to sound like. You know. Everything, you know nothing. Do I think it's a waste of money, No, it's never wasted if your trying to stop corporations become all powerful and influencing the market. NO CHOICE, is bad for everyone. If Sony and Nintendo stopped gaming tomorrow, gamepass would be 60 quid a month before December.

XiNatsuDragnel18h ago

Ftc still on the fight huh? Crazy.

SwissCheese17h ago

So they're going to hold a case AFTER Activision has joined Microsoft? This is a gross waste of taxpayer money.

Christopher13h ago

Just so you know, they do have the task of breaking up companies as well. I mean, you can have your opinion on this being a waste of taxpayer money, but the logic that it is because it's after the merger isn't good logic on why this shouldn't continue. If that were true, then there would never be any case for breaking up companies to begin with.

maniacmayhem10h ago

Curious, so when does it become a waste of tax payers money?

Reaper22_2h ago

Dude, it's over. Sometimes you just have to take a L and move on. This deal is gonna happen.

maniacmayhem10h ago

These guys just can't take the L and will continue to beat this dead horse into the ground, even after that embarrassing trial with Lena Khan

Sephiroushin1h ago

They probably know they are on the right, especially seeing everything that leaked, but its wasting time and money since MS probably bought many to get this approved and nothing will change but mentioned here they were going to be back and even try to break them if giving a chance and was told I was stupid, well here it is. And you know what calling it now, they will fail and come back and sue Microsoft for other things not related to gaming, just like they did with Epic, and now Amazon.

ravens523h ago

Lol. Wow. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me right back in. What is this madness 😫😫😫 28555;😫😫

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Gentle Giant Reveals New GameStop Star Wars Games Figures

Looks like some fun collections for fans. Star Wars Video Game Characters Leap From the Screen as New PVC Sculptures.


Nacon Reveals New PS5 Controller

It will be interesting to see how it performs. NACON, a major player in video game publishing and designer of premium gaming accessories, is delighted to announce the forthcoming release of a new controller officially licensed for PlayStation.

Vits18h ago

I really don't get why anyone would bother with a pro controller by a third party for the PS5. Because they all share the same issue, they don't have the features that are exclusive to the Dualsense. And when you are paying more than $200 for a controller and it can't even do parity with a $70 one, you more or less don't have a reason to bother.

The Switch and the Xbox use more commonly found features. So a pro controller by Nacon or however, might make sense. You get better parts + customization + all the features of the base controller. But that is just not true for the PS5.

Garethvk18h ago

It is like those custom ones that are $249.99 and up.

GoodGuy0913h ago

You're only missing out on the dualsense haptic feedback features which really... isn't on the mind of pro controller enthusiasts.

The dualsense edge has that part covered if you really want those features.
Hall sensors and a 10+hr battery is a good sacrifice for dualsense features for those that won't mind it.

Vits12h ago

The point is I don't get what is exactly on the mind of that "pro controller enthusiast" when their "pro" controller doesn't even have parity with a normal controller. And the rest of the features are stuff that you can get on normal controllers on other platformers for much less. Like being impressed by Hall sensors and a 10-hour battery is just sad. You can find a $70 controller available for Switch and PC that also features those, back buttons and customization.

Again I'm not against "pro" controller as a whole. But I find it kind of offensive to categorize something like this Nacon controller as one when it can't even do the same as a basic controller.

Angyobangyo4h ago

"I find it kind of offensive..."
bruh, it's a controller, not a war crime.