The Nintendo Switch 2 needs backwards compatibility but not in the way you think

Those expensive Joy-Cons and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller better work on the Switch 2

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Snookies12115d ago

The Pro controller isn't even all that great. It's fine for something like Mario Kart, but in things that require more accurate and precise inputs like Smash Bros. I constantly find it not responding like it should. And that's not just on mine, I've played with several friend's Pro controllers as well.

RaiderNation114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I honestly think Nintendo had the winning formula with the Gamecube controller design. All it needed was some refinements like adding a right "z" bumper and a full sized right analogue stick. Otherwise, that controller design was excellent. Every "pro" controller that Nintendo has released since then has felt so derivative of other controllers.

Profchaos114d ago

Yeah the GameCube controller was pretty comfortable in retrospect however I still really like the pro controller

Snookies12113d ago

Yeah, Gamecube controller was incredible. I was so confused when I first saw it, thinking it was an awful design lol. But when I actually got to use it, I instantly fell in love with it.

NotoriousWhiz114d ago

The only time I've had an issue with a pro controller for smash is in areas with lots of wireless interference (like a convention). However with it plugged into the Switch, that problem goes away.

Levii_92114d ago

Nope.. hard disagree on that. Pro controller is great.

FalcorMononoke114d ago

I agree completely. The top of the sticks are too slick. I have been using the Hori Pro Controller. Kinda light but better overall in my opinion.

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Chocoburger114d ago

No. It needs backwards compatibility, exactly the way I think it does. The games need to work on Switch 2, and the extra CPU power should help alleviate frame issues on older games.

RaiderNation114d ago

Exactly. I hope Nintendo doesnt overthink this. They just need to release a more powerful version of the Switch OLED design and make it fully backwards compatible with the Switch games and accessories. If they want to refine/improve things like the joycon design, the UI, the online experience (native voice chat), etc that would be fantastic. But they dont need to reinvent the wheel here.

Tapani114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Backwards compatibility is actually a big issue for the next Nintendo console.

The chip architecture will be completely different so they essentially have to create an emulator or do it over the cloud, both which are not great solutions and introduce real problems. That is also one of the reasons the successor to Switch is releasing so late, they don't know how to solve the backward compatibility issue from a technical point of view.

Digital Foundry discussed this in-depth in one of the DF weekly directs, and it certainly sounded like it will be a major challenge for Nintendo, no way out type of a situation.

Profchaos114d ago

Yeah I saw the mvg video they were referencing and there's some legitimate concerns many people just automatically assume it's coming and don't you dare question it but Nintendo often suprise people by doing the exact opposite of what's expected.
There's also instruction interpolation on top of the methods you mentioned but it's largely complex and not a one size fits all approach

Kakashi Hatake114d ago

8 bit duo controller is far superior anyway.

Dirty_Lemons114d ago

I love my 8bitdo SNES controller!

NotoriousWhiz114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Good for smash and maybe games with simple controls, but probably not games that regularly use all of the face buttons. The button placement differs too much from the other controllers.

Dirty_Lemons112d ago

Ooh I love that one! Didn't even know it existed, have a thumbs up 😁👍

Stompy114d ago

I use a 8bitdo wireless adapter to use a PS5 dualsense controller and it's the best £10 I've ever spent1

Dirty_Lemons114d ago

It needs to be backwards compatible in the same way the 3DS was to the DS. Switch cartridges need to work on the new console/ handheld (I hope it remains a hybrid, they hit gold when they designed it), preferably with a bit of a boost function ala Xbox/PS5. Even if the joy cons don't physically attach to the new Nintendo system, they should be able to connect so old games like Super Mario Party don't become obsolete.

Butttt it's Nintendo, and Nintendon't make logical decisions most of the time.

Demetrius114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

It's always a welcomed feature in systems and adds to sale numbers alot, I mean think about it sh@@ happens in life so when ya get a new Gen console ya want to get those gems back, recently got a PS5 and when I seen stream saints row 2, only that shit irritated me like dam just let us download some classic gems lol you cant even download infamous1&2 ya gotta stream smh they must think the services we have no slow down days lol I heard xbox winning in backwards compatibility department

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