Final Fantasy XVI Is Like A "Playable Hollywood Blockbuster Movie," Says Producer

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida has revealed that the game's PC port will begin development shortly after it releases on PS5.

masterfox124d ago

oh come on dont kill the hype for FF XVI , 90% or more of todays Hollywood movies freaking sucks imo.

BlackDoomAx122d ago

At least they are not lying :)

GoodGuy09124d ago

Ugh. I don't like how some jp devs think so highly about hollywood movies. Most of it has been crap for over a decade now imo.

Ashunderfire86122d ago

You guys are looking at this the wrong way, and that’s what expecting everything to be woke does to the mind 🧠 They are talking about fast action scenes 🎬 you get from Hollywood movies with those summon battles. Final Fantasy 16 could easily be Game of the year over Zelda if everything is solid!

Flakegriffin122d ago

I mean movies HAVE been low grade lately. I’m not sure what “being woke” has to do with this persons comment. That’s a strange take.

SinisterMister123d ago

This game is getting hyped to kingdom come. Hope it turns out that way.

drizzom123d ago

Should have added *from the 90s. The Hollywood movies nowadays kinda suck.

Ashunderfire86122d ago

Early 2000s had a lot of great movies 🍿 and Minority Report, and The cop crime comedy The Departed, were among my top favorites of all time! Yes The Matrix is also on that list as well.

EternalTitan122d ago

Transformers Rise of the Beasts is coming out soon.
Cheaper to watch than this game.
Maybe we should save money by watching that film.

P_Bomb122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I’m not paying someone to butcher Beast Wars. Or for some teenager to beat Unicron.

EternalTitan122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Then dont pay a MMO developer wannabe film studio reject to butcher Final Fantasy.

P_Bomb122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Of course not, stranger from the corn fields! I always trust anons with an axe to grind over my own sound judgment! 🤪

EternalTitan121d ago

I dont have an axe. I dont need violent weapons to improve the world.

VincentVanBro122d ago

Or just do both and have the most fun

EternalTitan122d ago

The divide between the rich and poor are too much for the common working people to enjoy both.

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Ashunderfire86122d ago

Boy you are in for the most woke Transformers ever made! There is an non binary robot 🤖 that says he is non binary Nuff said! Nope I will go for Final Fantasy 16 instead!

BlaqMagiq1122d ago

Transformers Rise of the Beats looks like dogshit.

FFXVI is a masterpiece in the making. Day 1.

EternalTitan121d ago

Are there any cool transforming robots in XVI?

raWfodog122d ago

As expensive as video games are, they’re still cheaper if you factor in the ‘entertainment per hour’ cost. And another plus is it’s all interactive instead of just passive.

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Final Fantasy XVI Sales "In Line With Expectations;" Square Enix Wants to Upgrade IPs to AAA Status

Square Enix president Takashi Kiryu provided an official statement on Final Fantasy XVI's sales and mentioned interesting plans for smaller IPs.

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Moegooner13d ago ShowReplies(1)
VersusDMC13d ago

We'll you'd think the announcement of DLC would have hinted at that. If the game did poorly they would have just moved on.

And if you bring up Forespoken DLC they sold a season pass at launch and had to do it.

Abriael13d ago

That article should have never been approved to begin with, since stock market "news" is invalid on N4G.
It's also based on the literal fake news alleging that Kiryu-san said that FFXIV's sales disappointed.
I've been saying that was fake news for ages (the distortion was obvious like the sun), and today we got the receipts. Unfortunately, the many sites that ran away with that narrative without doing a shred of research will get away with it because they always do.

Harkins172113d ago

Wait for that Takashi Mochizuki spin!

VersusDMC13d ago


I wonder what small IP they have in mind. I would love a Parasite Eve game that plays like the RERemakes and keeps the survival horror tone.