Samsung Gaming Hub Reveals Access To Nearly 3000 Games

This looks very interesting. Select Samsung Smart TV and Smart Monitor owners will now gain access to nearly 3,000 games as Antstream Arcade and Blacknut have been added to the Samsung Gaming Hub partner lineup, with the rollout starting today.


PlayStation Stars campaigns and digital collectibles for October 2023

Visit PlayStation Stars on PlayStation App for the latest campaigns.

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Game Pass brings Xbox Cloud Gaming to Meta Quest VR headsets this December

Meta has announced that the Game Pass service will allow Meta Quest VR headset users to play Xbox Cloud Gaming games within their headsets this December.

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RaidensRising3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Could you kinda already do that via the in built browser?

ken28133h ago

This is not what we wanted when we asked for Xbox VR.

mkis0073h ago

Sounds like a terrible way to play vr games. Any lag is too much


Why PlayStation Fans Are Cheering CEO’s Departure

Jim Ryan oversaw the successful launch of the PlayStation 5. His four-year tenure was also marred by several flubs.

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Battlestar2315h ago

I understand why Sony is trying to develop gaas titles as even if only 1 or 2 are a hit that means a nice stream of revenue for them and a foundation for further gaas games to build on. Their single player games sell great but with gaming budgets getting bigger and bigger the more the games need to sell. So if they develop gaas games and get a hit that will help migrate some of the cost.

Jin_Sakai14h ago

Bye Jim. You won’t be missed.

“But over the last two years, Ryan has overseen a PlayStation shift toward “games as a service,” a popular industry buzzword referring to video games, usually multiplayer, that can be monetized over long periods of time. It’s been an uncomfortable pivot for some of Sony’s studios, which have spent the last decade building out teams of experienced developers to make big, cinematic adventure games that are played solo."

-Foxtrot8h ago

If anyone has an idea what's going on atmosphere wise within gaming studios it's Jason Schreier

It's clear some of these studios just don't want to do it but are probably being forced

Look at NaughtyDog, a full on multiplayer game of Factions, I mean really? I highly doubt ND wanted to do that when it was probably going to be bundled in with TLOU2 or released a few months after like what Sucker Punch did with their co-op mode.

If you have two teams within a studio where they'd cycle between franchises then now one of them is most likely stuck doing a shitty GaaS game. We won't cycle, we'll be relying on the same team to do a single player game and it means we'll probably get more fatigued with a franchise as both teams will be working on something within that Universe like GG Horizon, their second team is apparently working on a multiplayer styled GaaS game when they could have most likely been working on a new IP. Cycling between franchises kept things fresh where the other team could probably afford to spend a bit longer on their game while the other releases theres but now we won't get that as they might feel more pressured to get a single player game out to feed an audience who's growing hungry for something they haven't had in a while.

It's messing with the flow of their studios and it's more annoying people who defend GaaS games don't see that.

It's different with people like Bungie being brought in as they were always doing GaaS games with Destiny but forcing your already first party studios to do it? That's just bullshit.

VersusDMC6h ago

What developers are being made to make multiplayer modes for games now that weren't before Jim Ryan?

They made naughty dog make multiplayer modes since Uncharted 2. Socom team made MAG, guerilla was making Killzones, ghost of tsushima was made to have a multiplayer mode and was before his time...i just don't see the Jim Ryan era as the making single player developers make multiplayer games era.

Let's remember he became CEO in 2019. So let me know what developers he forced to make multiplayer games that hadn't been doing them before.

Redemption-642h ago


What evidence do you have to even suggest Sony is forcing Naughty Dog to work on Factions?

Seriously, I get that you have to make up lies to fit whatever narrative you have cooked up in your, but reality isn't for you. Is Naughty Dog also being forced to work on their New IP, rumored to be a single-player gamer, as well as the recent news of them moving forward with TLOU part 3? Were they forced to add online to the 1st game? To uncharted 2, 3 or 4? Plus, Factions is actually loved by many fans, so again, what evidence do you have to even suggest they are forced to work on it? Most of their major old studios are rumored to be working on single-player games, from Sucker Punch, Insomniac, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog to guerilla games. The new studios they purchased from Bungie to Haven Studios are the ones working on online games.

S2Killinit1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

These are misinformation by articles that jumped the gun upon hearing “live service”. If Ryan was guilty of anything was that he wasn’t careful with choice of words at times, and didn’t explain where an explanation was necessary.

Here is what Sony has said when the question of live service focus was brought up:

“We will continue to publish the games that have served us so well over the years. These single player, graphically beautiful, narrative rich games will continue to be the bedrock of our first party publishing business”

Why is making live-service on top of wjat they were already doing an issue, when MS is only doing live service at the moment?

Starfield is live service, redfall is live service. They just aren’t calling it that. Ryan simply went out and use the word “live service”, so Sony gets the shit for it.

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-Foxtrot8h ago

I don't believe this "will help them make single player games better" bullshit

Knowing what happens to any other company that gets a taste of that sweet GaaS money, the single player output will either be the same or fall behind and any extra revenue will go straight into making more GaaS games or high up executives pockets as bonuses.

We know how this works

Sony is no different that any other company, I think people need to take off those fanboy "console wars" glasses to see that.

It's better to be cautious now than reap the consequences later because we didn't act sooner, what's the worse that will happen? We're all wrong and everything turns out fine? It's a win / win.

Lightning777h ago

What will you do? Don't Buy the gaas titles and risk job cuts and lay offs or buy it and support the studio growth and have more games out?

Sony's bread and butter isn't gaas games everyone knows that. Buying said gaas games helps everyone involved and yes that does help their single player output. You act like theyll see the gaas money and only do that.

Sony isn't turning into epic games just a one trick pony they've been in this buissness long enough and adapted. Hell Sony was even ahead of the curve allot of the times.

You're definitely overreacting.

Tacoboto6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

"Don't Buy the gaas titles and risk job cuts and lay offs or buy it and support the studio growth and have more games out?"

So to show [publisher] we want more single player core titles from them, you're saying we should support their GaaS?

That is the absolute complete opposite to the concept of "vote with your wallet"

-Foxtrot6h ago


That is such a bad argument if I’ve ever seen one

Overreacting? Lmao

Yeah people said the same about horse armour and loot boxes

Guess what happened…

Lightning774h ago(Edited 4h ago)

@Taco and Fox
Btw this is SONY we're talking about they're not like the other publishers. They make some of the best SP games out there. Again there bread and butter is SP.

But sure you're right don't buy into Sony's LS and watch jobs get cut Sony will just sweep that 2.1b$ LS investment under the rug and Sony will pretend it never happened and hire SP programmers again like it's nothing.

They'll be ok with losing all those funds and make it all back by scrapping everything and doing Single player stuff again, like it never happened.....

Because that's how buissness works right?

FinalFantasyFanatic42m ago


How about no and we send a message by not buying the games and letting the games fail? If it succeeds, they just make more and we never get what we really want. Have you ever heard of supply and demand? Isn't that how things are supposed to work?

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OptimusDK4h ago

And it will then propel new gaas games. This is not what I want at all. And it does not seem to be what the market want. They are too late for the party. Even Fortnite is scaling back. It will take resources from single player games no matter what

Redemption-642h ago

Let's ne honest, Gaas is doing well, it just nothing but greed. Most gamers can't see pass what they want. Fortnite is literally a cash cow, however Epic expecting it to make enough money to cover all their expenses is beyond stupid.

Michiel19892h ago

They are gonna use the profit to make more gaas games.....don't act that because it's sony they use all the gaas profits to please the single player crowd, they make them to get as much money as they can, nothing more nothing less. Don't come with this noble bs, they're a company, not a charity.

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sparky7714h ago

I don't see why everyone is cheering him going at least until we know who replaces him. It could be someone far worse.

Jin_Sakai14h ago(Edited 13h ago)

The guy literally pushed their 1st party studios the GaaS route. Some of the most talented single player story driving studios in the industry. Take Naughty Dog for example, they been focusing on making a GaaS game that is currently in production hell for ages. We would’ve likely been playing their next big game if not for that.

Seraphim8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

you say that like you have inside knowledge. The simple truth is we don't know what is going on inside, at all of PS studios. Let's not forget how many people were crying and clamoring for Last of Us MP. Sometimes all it takes is that vocal minority. Now I don't necessarily agree with the focus toward GaaS, but the fact of the matter is that we know absolutely nothing about which studio is working on what.

Having said that it's been evident under Ryan that he is business first. That he wanted to tap into that honey pot of mts from GaaS titles. What PS needs is a gamer who can see the value in games from indie to AAA. Not every game is going to perform well, but taking those chances has always lead to some solid experiences and games. The Order, LocoRoco, Patapon, PaRapa, Ico, Shadow, etc. I'd like to say Last Guardian but the fact they made Trico so disobedient really wrecked that game. I get what they wanted to do, but from a gameplay/experience perspective it was terrible. Anyway, some of the best years of PS were under leaders who recognized and loved games. Like Shu, Trenton, etc. Less focus on industry trends and more focus on allowing developers to create what they want assuming the pitch is good enough to green light. If they want to push some GaaS fine, but everything needs to be done in moderation. Putting too many eggs into one basket is destructive. 2 cents

Lightning777h ago

How many times do I have to tell you? It took TLOUS 7 years to develop. Why do you think you'll see their next mainline game in 2023 or 2024?

Games don't take 3 to 4 years to make anymore. So kill that false narrative once and for all and forever.

Extermin8or3_5h ago

No he hasn't you are all full of shit. The vast majority if GAAS titles are from new partnerships and new studios they acquired specifically to make them. Sony considers the term GAAS to apply more broadly than most other companies anyway.ghost of Tsushima counted as one with its multiplayer mode, gram turismo counted. Both were excellent games that could be played solo and without spending a penny on anything after purchase.

raWfodog2h ago


“Games don't take 3 to 4 years to make anymore. So kill that false narrative once and for all and forever.”

There was a four year gap between the Horizon games, the God of War games, FFVII Remake / Rebirth, and about 2-3 years between Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Spider-Man 2. How come you think devs can no longer make games within those time periods anymore?

Redemption-642h ago

Seriously, you guys should stop spreading lies. Am not a fan of him, but just seeing how easily you guys lie to coup with reality is beyond sad. That game was in development long before Jim was even CEO, yet you and your ilk blame him for that?

Jin_Sakai1h ago


“No he hasn't you are all full of shit. The vast majority if GAAS titles are from new partnerships and new studios they acquired specifically to make them.“

“But over the last two years, Ryan has overseen a PlayStation shift toward “games as a service,” a popular industry buzzword referring to video games, usually multiplayer, that can be monetized over long periods of time. “IT’S BEEN AN UNCOMFORTABLE PIVOT FOR SOME OF SONY’s STUDIOS.”

Literally says it right there in the article.

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-Foxtrot8h ago

You have a point...but until the new person is announced and we see what they do, we'll just have to take it as it is for now.

You might be right, it might be that its better the devil you know but we'll see.