Capcom adds Denuvo to Street Fighter 6 three days before release

Street Fighter 6 has been available for pre-order on Steam for a while. However, yesterday, Capcom updated the game’s page, revealing that this new fighting game will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech.

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shinoff2183116d ago

Maybe I just don't know but what is so negative about this. Does it affect console games at all?

rippermcrip116d ago

If it is incorrectly used, it can. But this rarely occurs. Mostly people cry about it for no reason. Slippery slope arguments like what if they shut their servers down and you can't play your games any more. Okay? Same goes for Steam, Playstation, Xbox, any other digital marketplace.

got_dam116d ago

I could be way off here... but my understanding is denuvo drm on PC is total balls and eats cpu. Denuvo anti-cheat is more benign. I have not really had much issue myself as a PC player but I don't usually buy my games right at release so I may be getting patched versions that play nicer than the release date versions.

rippermcrip116d ago


That is the "rarely occurs" I was referring to. That happens if the developer implements it incorrectly. This has rarely happened and it usually is patched when it does occur.

shinoff2183116d ago

Alright guys/girls?

I see. I had always just thought of it as an anti piracy thing that's why I never understood what the big deal was. But if it's eating up some pc performance that kinda blows you'd think there'd be a better way around it.

I dabbled in pc gaming a hair with Sim city , commandos , but I'm talking early 2000 2004 5ish. I messed with steam for atom rpg and encased but never seemed to have an issue but they weren't particularly demanding games if they had that on there.

CrimsonWing69116d ago

It's anti-piracy/anti-cheat DRM software.

It's specific to PC and my understanding is it can effect the performance of games.

Bobertt116d ago

It hinders performance and usually gets cracked quickly so it's not even worth the performance hit.

TheColbertinator116d ago

Capcom doesn't quit their obnoxiousness for a moment

115d ago

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The maniacal mistress of poison enters Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub.

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Snookies1224d ago

Can't lie, I personally hate her hair... It's far worse than even the most ridiculous Final Fantasy hairstyle, lol. Give me Seymour hair from FF X any day over this.

Ryuha1234h24d ago

What does Final Fantasy have to do with Street Fighter? Two different type of games.

Snookies1224d ago

You serious? It's an example. I'm talking about the HAIR specifically, not the series itself. A lot of people poke fun at Final Fantasy hair styles. That's why I referenced it.


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Street Fighter 6’s Juri Will Break Your Heart With Drop-Dead Gorgeous Cosplay

The twisted beauty of Juri Han is brought to life in this breathtaking Street Fighter 6 cosplay of the "Sadistic Thrill-seeker."

locomorales44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I don't understand how this can be approved as related to games, but a developer talking about politics in its own game is off topic.

specialguest44d ago

She's just another pretty face cosplayed as a character, but doesn't quite have that devious look

specialguest44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

CBR is a trash site. Here they are now, a bunch if f**king hypocrites promoting their article about the Juri cosplayer and her beauty, when they were trashing SF6 for it

They had an article about SF6 just a month ago titled: Street Fighter 6 Didn't Have To Embarrass Itself With Sexist Fan Service ( https://www.cbr.com/sf-6-se... where they claimed SF6 was sexist, because female characters were being sexualized. They stated SF6 was less about empowerment and more about sex and infantilization. Also claiming the character Juri was pandering to a demographic that's uncomfortable with complex female characters.

OK CBR. If you really had strong feelings against SF6 female character looks, you would not promote anything related to those character's outfits. The pandering is ridiculous since it hasn't even been 2 months and you forgot about your original stance

anast43d ago

She looks cool. There's some Ellie and Joel Cosplay out there that looks insane.