Review: Street Fighter 6 is the best a Capcom fighter has ever been at launch - videogames.si

Dave: From the mechanics to the characters, and even the visual flourishes that adorn every attack, Street Fighter 6 is peak fighting games. This is a traditional, grounded fighter that feels entirely modern and fresh thanks to the Drive Gauge and everything that surrounds it. No mechanic or meter feels wasted, everything in Street Figher 6 has been honed to a fine point. This will be the best fighting game of 2023, and perhaps even of the generation.

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bangoskank420d ago

I'd have to argue most Capcom fighters prior to the PS3 were perfect at launch. Marvel vs Capcom 2 is a good example.


Agreed...sf2 turbo is the benchmark for me.

hotnickles420d ago

This is a really good point lol. It usually takes them years to get the bearings. If they are solid out of the gate it’s a really good sign. In 6 years it will be even better.

XxSPIDEYxX420d ago

So happy they bounced back from Street Fighter V and Marvel Infinite.


Cheaters in Street Fighter 6 Ranked Are Getting Out of Hand & Capcom Needs to Do Something About it

The Nerd Stash: "Cheaters in Street Fighter 6 ranked have become more and more common, so much so that pro players are constantly running into them."

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Einhander19725d ago

Play on PlayStation and turn off cross play problem solved.

bloop3d ago

They need to add the option to filter out matchmaking with modern controls in online too.

jznrpg3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

If it’s online and PC it has cheaters. It was pretty bad when I quit PC gaming years ago and I’m sure it’s worse now

DivineHand1252d ago

This is why I don't play fighting games online. You are either going up against a cheater or a guy that sounds like he was there while the game was being coded. It is not a place for casual players.


Street Fighter 6 – Year 2 is Upon Us

Street Fighter 6 Year 2 has been announced, with a new Ultimate Pass to purchase. It includes 4 new fighters... and... 2 new stages.

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Street Fighter 6 - M. Bison Gameplay Trailer

M. Bison gallops into Street Fighter 6 on June 26 with Psycho Power, knee presses, and head stomps in tow.

From riches to rags, the amnesiac dictator rides across the land on his stallion searching for an identity to make him smile.

Owners of the Year 2 Character Pass and Ultimate Pass will automatically get access to M. Bison when he unlocks.

Rynxie45d ago

That was extremely underwhelming