Diablo 4 lead warns servers "might be a little bumpy on the first day"

With plenty of eager players wanting to get in on Diablo 4 when the game launches later this week, Blizzard has been keeping a close eye on its server infrastructure to reassure fans they'll be able to play right away.

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ElusiveAura126d ago

Unacceptable after the tests done and amount of money made on these games. If someone is paying extra for early access and they can’t login and play, will refunds be given? That’s the entire point of early access.

CrimsonWing69126d ago

I don’t believe it’ll be that bad. On the first beta I waited an hour, on the 3rd beta I didn’t wait at all.

There’s only so much a beta test can help them prep for. Now, it’ll be showtime and I’m sure there’ll be things they’re ready for and things they won’t. They’re pretty quick at resolving the issues if the betas are any indication.

Don’t be an angry Karen about things. It won’t be anything that dramatic… I don’t think. Those with early access will get to play on Thursday. I’m fairly confident here.

ChiefofLoliPolice125d ago

Wait until the game is released for early access players then see for yourself. It may be different for some people. Yes I know this is Blizzard we are talking about but even they wouldn't dare screwup D4 badly. Blizzard needs all the good PR they can possibly get right now especially after that whole OW2 fiasco. Blizz as a company has been going down the shitter these past years.

Vithar126d ago

might? LOL 100% Guaranteed

anast126d ago

The game is already getting 10s with server issues and performance. It doesn't matter. There is no need to apologize.

HyperMoused125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

if people dont have early access then they should get their monies back as people paid for...early access


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LordoftheCritics11d ago

Exhausting game.

There is zero drive to do anything in the game.

Slappy McGee9d ago

Especially after you beat it. The seasons are just not fun and neither is grinding to level up since everything levels with you.

Sonic188110d ago

I went from liking this game to hating it. Diablo Immoral 2.0

Gardenia9d ago

That's what battle pass and seasons do to a game. They control how much you can play, how fast you should level and what you can win for free.

northpaws9d ago

I am starting to believe Xbox is cursed at this point... everything they touched slowly become shit, not saying it is their responsibility as I know they don't have involvement on some of these games, just crazy how they are almost impossible to put out a decent games as long as the publishers/studios are owned by them, unlucky I guess.

bradfh9d ago

Activision, not Xbox, is responsible for disappointing games like Diablo, Overwatch 2, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, which often suffer from endless grinding and changes that make them less enjoyable.

Kosic9d ago

Xbox does not own D4, so I am unsure how they can be at fault for this game...

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shinoff218322d ago

Good. Sounds like alot of bs with that game. I'd much rather just buy diablo 3.

PapaBop21d ago

That's because Blizzard are no longer Blizzard and just another developer under Kotick's greedy watchful eye. Gamers are no longer cherished fans but $$ cows to be milked.

UltimateRacer20d ago

Going to become even worse under MS and Phil.

anast21d ago

It's like having a live event for a reskin of Diablo Immortal...