Trepang2 showcases environmental destruction in a new video

Trepang Studios : If the environment had feelings, then we can only imagine 106's surroundings looking around in despair.


Trepang2 Collectible Guide

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Trepang2 Trophy/Achievement Guide & Roadmap

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New Xbox Games Release Dates for October 2023

If you're looking to pick up some new Xbox games next month, here's a handy list of all the confirmed release dates for October 2023.

anast5d ago

Why are they using the SX for the thumbnail? It's misleading. They make games for the S.

Cockney5d ago

Where is the commitment for gamepass? Lots of 3rd party games incoming yet very few day one

DiRtY4d ago

6 day one releases on GamePass in one month is actually pretty good.

shinoff21835d ago

I didn't realize metal gear solid was this close to release. I'll grab that on ps5 disc if it's available. Looking forward to check out cities 2 on gamepass.

Hofstaderman4d ago

Don't know why the downvotes. Everybody is going to buy it on the PS5.