The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Is A Satisfying Game of Cat And Mouse - The Koalition

Richard Bailey of The Koalition writes: Ever since The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was announced by Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham, I was curious about how this game might turn out. Having only played Friday the 13th: The Game a handful of times in the past, I was already sold on the asymmetric multiplayer format but still wanted to see how this studio would make a uniquely horrifying experience.

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rbailey116d ago

A fun game thus far and looking forward to seeing what other things they add to the overall experience.

Tedakin115d ago

I loved Friday the 13th. I hope this ends up being just as much fun.


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When playing with like-minded participants, joining Leatherface and his merry band of killers can be a whole lot of fun in Gun’s adaptation of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to game form.

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anast9d ago

It's doing a bit better than I thought, but the player count has dropped like a rock in less than a month, from 10k to 5k and this is a GaaS. It will probably steady out at 2k around the 3rd month. What a waste of a good IP.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review | TheXboxHub

Review - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is well worth a look. I mean, what have you got to lose? Except possibly your life?

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The classic Tobe Hopper film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is the subject of a new interactive horror game and Skewed and Reviewed said it is nostalgic and fun in small doses.