Valheim Developer Expresses Disapproval For Paid Mods

Hello vikings! Lately we have been getting a lot of questions regarding mods, and what we as a company approve of – as well as what we don’t approve of. Therefore we thought we’d try and clear things up a little bit. First of all, while we don’t have any official mod support, we are definitely happy to see that people are engaging with our game and creating their own mods for it. It’s definitely flattering that you want to be creative and add your own ideas!

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Best Procedurally Generated Games Of All Time

Fans of procedurally generated games will find countless ways to occupy their time with these titles.

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mandf43d ago

The binding of isaac is one of the best. I easily have over 10000 hours in it.


Valheim Patch 0.214 Brings Numerous Hotfixes To PC And Console

Patch 0.214 for Valheim came out for Xbox and PC lately, fixing numerous bugs in the game and adding a "Balanced Mode" for Xbox Series X|S.


Valheim Exclusive to Xbox for Only Six Months

Valheim was released on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One earlier this week, but it seems like it won't be exclusive to those consoles for as long as first

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yarbie1000198d ago

Microsoft and their hypocrisy shines again, paying to keep games off other platforms.

I'm sure users will say why it's okay for Playstation to have exclusives and not Microsoft. But they'll completely ignore the hypocrisy argument. No where is Sony declaring when everyone plays we all win, saying exclusives are anti gaming. Saying it's bad to pay to keep games off other platforms. Microsoft says all these things while doing the complete opposite. Lies of P

MadLad198d ago

People need to just buy all the consoles, or just hush up and enjoy the one they chose.

These fanboy wars are obnoxious. Leaning on every damn word anyone of any company might have said at one point in time.

These are giant companies. All they care about is the bottom line. None of them are your friend. The only reason they know your name is because you gave them your credit card.

S2Killinit198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

What is with the kumbaya all of a sudden?

Is this not your comment?

“ Sony literally pays just to keep certain games off of Xbox. They don't own the company; they just throw money at people to keep them off their competition.”

What caused the change in attitude?

You now suggest we should all buy xbox? I see.

mocaak198d ago

Yet you are one of Microsoft's main cheerleeders, in full support of their acquisitions.

SullysCigar198d ago

Double standards are the worst.

Crows90198d ago

We could also opt for common sense. If I'm a developer and choose not to release on the biggest console market....I've obviously been paid to do so.

However, the other way around isn't necessarily true. I don't have to have been paid to save money on development and testing my product in order to release on the smallest console market

Outside_ofthe_Box198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Uh, MadLad...

You get on Sony the most for doing these type of deals and not "having them on payroll" and use Sony doing these type of deals to justify the Activision purchase. Well Microsoft is doing the exact thing you bitch at Sony for and this isn't something that happened years ago but is happening now. And now you're playing the whole "both companies just care about your money" and "stop being a fanboy hanging on to every word a company says"? Where was this during the Activision and Square Enix articles? Let me guess because it's Microsoft you are now taking the level headed approach eh?

Ashunderfire86196d ago

I wish I could upvote you more to beat the disagrees, but I agree with you lol 😆 gamers here don’t like the Factz!!! Microsoft and Sony absolutely love your credit cards 💳 and wish they could just keep it until it’s all empty out.

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343_Guilty_Spark198d ago

Dude it’s 6 months. Where is SF5 and FF7 remake on Xbox?

lodossrage198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Probably the same place games like Splinter Cell Conviction and Cobalt are for Playstation

MrNinosan198d ago

FF7 Remake will probably never be released on Xbox (which it could've been for over 2 years now), due to Xbox gamers doesn't buy SquareEnix games.
SE have tried, over and over again, but the same result is showing every time, so it's no surprise SE is ignoring Xbox consoles more frequently.

yarbie1000198d ago

I literally gave you the answer before you typed this and you still failed. Congrats

DOMination-198d ago

"FF7 Remake will probably never be released on Xbox (which it could've been for over 2 years now), due to Xbox gamers doesn't buy SquareEnix games."

Nearly 2 million bought physical copies of FF15 on Xbox. Sure, the ratio is 5:1 but it's still a significant amount of money that SE are giving up - If Control made 92 million euros in revenue with 3 million, it's going to be at least 60m plus any digital sales.

You'd have to imagine that Sony paid at least that amount of money for both FF7R and FF16 as compensation. Personally, I'd rather they use that money on studios rather than on games that would have been on PS5 anyway. And the same thing goes for Microsoft with stuff like Valheim timed exclusivity.

IamTylerDurden1198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Where's Titanfall 1? Dead Rising 3? It's been a decade. But act like MS is innocent just bc AAA pubs want no part of XB exclusity these days due to lower install and Gamepass killing sales. Microsoft still does it, they just can't reel the big fish due to inferiority. They still keep games off PS forever, see The Gunk. It's not a moral decision to do it only with the worst games, it's ineptitude, and u celebrate it lol. Just like Titanfall on XB1 MS would still do it with good aaa games but it's not financially feasible due to lower sales/GP and regardless of their wealth they still aim to make smart business decisions rather than waste money like any profitable business.

Yet u cheer for pub aquisitions that will make entire IP exclusive forever lol. U probably loved the Bethesda deal but Stafield being scrapped from PS after it started development on the platform is np? New releases in mainline Elder Scrolls n Fallout being banished from PS is ok? Not 1-2 yrs for a game but numerous multiplat IP forever. That u cheer for lol.

MrNinosan198d ago

It has not even sold close to 2 million including digital copies on Xbox.
What are you smoking?
Only in UK at launch, it got 1:5 sales compared, rest of Europe was 1:10 and then it was released on PC.

VGChartz who tends to overtrack Xbox sales, put it at 1.1 million Xbox copies, including digital.

343_Guilty_Spark198d ago


Did you really say Cobalt? Nobody played Cobalt.

The creative director behind SCC said it was originally built for Xbox.


If Xbox gamers don't play SE games then why are SE games on Gamepass? Why does SE put games on Xbox at all?

lodossrage198d ago



Did you really say Cobalt? Nobody played Cobalt.

he creative director behind SCC said it was originally built for Xbox. "

Yeah, I REALLY said cobalt. Because regardless of who it was "built for", THAT GAME was still going to be multiplaform UNTIL Microsoft bought Mojang.

And what does "nobody playing it" have to do with anything? That doesn't have any bearing on the fact that it was meant to be a multiplatform game that Microsoft made exclusive.

shinoff2183198d ago (Edited 198d ago )


They probably feel they wouldn't sell. Check the stats. Ms has also had complete 3rd party exclusives stop being so naive


How much is development cost though do those 2 million copies sold equal development cost. How many were sold at 20 dollars 15 dollars, etc. I'll put money on all those 2 million werent full price. There's more to it

wiz7191198d ago

@lodossrage it seems like to me SP Conviction is exclusive to Xbox because of Ubisoft not MS .. Unlike FF 7 remake where Square doesn’t even have a choice.

wiz7191198d ago

@Mr. Ninosan so are you saying SE games sales absolutely no games on XBOX ? Or are you comparing sales ? I’m going to assume you know how math works. 117 million Vs around 40+ million .. lol that’s 77 million more PS4 in ppl homes , so obviously FF will sell more on PS then Xbox .. that’s not lack of support it’s the fact one console sold a shit more then the other.

lodossrage198d ago


Square did have a choice. Either take the money or don't. It's that simple. Still doesn't explain Cobalt btw.

Or how about Dead Rising 3. That's another one people don't mention.

The point still remains timed exclusives doesn't excuse buying off an industry.

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neutralgamer1992198d ago

Let's argue more because that's all gaming community is now a days. Neither company is in the business for our good graces and looking out for what's best for gamers above their own business interests

Because people keep asking whenever any exclusives or timed exclusives are brought up

SF5 is permanently exclusive because Capcom for some dumb reason didn't want to fund the development. FF7 remake will never come to Xbox because Sony paid for development costs and they will buy square enix once this Activision fiasco clears

Sony in general likes doing timed exclusive deals while Ms likes buying publishers and turning their games permanently exclusives

Buy whatever platform you prefer and enjoy. I am a long time PlayStation fan but I bought a XSX because I don't want to miss out on games I like( and I don't have a gaming PC)

kingnick198d ago

Sony are in a dominant market position so it would be very expensive in the long run for Microsoft to buy timed exclusivity for big AAA games. Many developers and publishers wouldn't even consider timed or permanent exclusivity for Xbox because of the amount of money they'd loose out on for not having their games on PS consoles.

Microsoft is running their business how they see fit and Sony is doing the same.

The scattergun approach Microsoft is indicating with their talk around the ABK merger could end up being a net negative in the longrun, Microsoft has a history of loosing focus which is why the Xbox 360 ran out of steam and we got the abysmal XO reveal.

kingnick198d ago

Hypocrites cry it's anti-competitive when Microsoft does timed exclusives but say it's great for games and gamers when Sony does it. But of course Sony are the little underdog with a dominant market position and totally don't have a well documented history of anti-competitive tactics like Microsoft.

Sometimes developers just don't have the resources to put out a game simultaneously on all platforms so sometimes a deal makes sense. I can't see how a developer with sufficient resources isn't better off releasing the same day on PS5 and Xbox Series given both consoles are more similar then any other Xbox and PS console in a given generation.

Microsoft and Sony need to stop whining if they're doing the same anti-competitive crap they're whining about, it just makes them look pathetic.

SullysCigar198d ago

"Hypocrites cry it's anti-competitive when Microsoft does timed exclusives but say it's great for games and gamers when Sony does it"

Can you give us an example of where this has happened, outside of in your own head?

Abracadabra198d ago

Did you really expect Microsoft to stand still while Sony goes after 3rd party exclusive, after 3rd party exclusive, after 3rd party exclusive...?

Outside_ofthe_Box198d ago

Microsoft has always done these type of deals. They have never stood still on it.