Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is coming to PC on July 26

Nixxes Software : Hey everyone, the intergalactic adventurers Ratchet & Clank are making their debut on PC this summer! At Nixxes Software, we are all very excited to announce our next project in collaboration with Insomniac Games.

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Doge124d ago

They should've had this during the Showcase instead of the Gran Turismo movie trailer.

Anyway cool stuff!

RaidenBlack124d ago

Insiders got glimpse of this news before the showcase .... they were certain, this was getting announced at the show.
Seems like other insider leaks were/are correct as well.

blackblades124d ago

Which mean they are correct on every thing else then. That they held back big time.

Obscure_Observer124d ago

"Seems like other insider leaks were/are correct as well."

Seems that way. If they were really correct, Demons Souls for PC will be announced in a few days.

rpvenom124d ago


Hmm you're making me think now.. if they're holding back.. it could be in response to xbox also having made moves to look bad given the push for the activision deal.. so maybe sony is also not trying to drop bangers to avoid giving microsoft more ammunition to win that deal.. but this is all just assumptions

itsmebryan124d ago

I curious on how it will run on PC? All this time we were told it could only run on ps5 super fast ram. I'll be interested in what DF finds out.

generic-user-name124d ago

The minimum ssd requirements could be high.

itsmebryan124d ago

On steam it says so far a 64-bit OS nothing about SSD. But, it has a lot of enhancements over the PS5 version.

just_looken124d ago

For real sony must be sing the out of touch song on loop that showcase was so bland and average.

This port is also being done by Nixxes Software? hell yeah

Christopher124d ago

Great news, but, please, make sure it's not another PC port reliant on patches to get it to work well.

Jin_Sakai124d ago

It’s Nixxes so I’m sure it will be a good port.

RaidenBlack124d ago

Well, Nixxes is involved ... so that's a positive.
But yea, no Rift Apart 'Apology letter' ... please.

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Sonic1881124d ago

Can I use my Xbox controller to play it😁

anast124d ago

This makes sense. I used to use a friend's GamePass to decide what game I was going to buy for the PS4.

124d ago
aconnellan124d ago

Do you use Netflix to decide what movies to purchase too?

anast123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

@ Aconn

No, there hasn't been a movie worth purchasing in a very long time. And I don't use Netflix because most of the entertainment is subpar, similar to GamePass.