Silent Hill: Ascension does not look like the game we’ve been holding out for

Konami has shed a little bit more light on its next Silent Hill game (no, not Silent Hill 2) and it's not whatever you've been hoping for.

z2g186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

If this article is true, I have suddenly lost any and all interest in this title.

phoenixwing186d ago

I'm not a fan of horror games much and don't normally comment on them but knoami did a huge bait and switch with this that is likely to make many angry imo

Gardenia185d ago

Silent Hill f is the official new Silent Hill game. Ascension was made by a different team, and not meant as a complete new title. It was pretty clear when they revealed all the Silent Hill information months ago.


Genvid Teases Silent Hill, DC, And More At SDCC

This teases some interesting announcements. Genvid Entertainment will be taking the stage at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21 to announce new project titles as well as share new content for SILENT HILL: Ascension and a DC project.


SILENT HILL Ascension | Official Trailer

Face Your Trauma Together.Redemption, suffering, or damnation? The actions of millions will determine the outcomes of SILENT HILL: Ascension.

Eonjay186d ago

Actually sounds kind of interesting. Given such limited information, what is it that you are able to hate about it at this point?

Scissorman82186d ago

1) it looks very generic.
2) it has Silent Hill 2 Syndrome. not every SH game has to be about sins you've committed or inner demons you are battling with. it's lazy, uninspired, and unoriginal.

maniacmayhem186d ago

I agree with scissorman, seems these SH games borrow heavily from part 2 without realizing or capturing what made part 2 so brilliant in the first place.

bangoskank186d ago

More interested in seeing what "Silent Hill f" is but not crazy about how Konami is just letting unknown studios toy around with one of their biggest IPs. They really dropped the ball when they screwed over Kojima and scrapped "Silent Hills". I have a feeling they will never be able to be as good as they used to be.

Magog186d ago

Go back even further. They screwed up when they made the original silent hill team name their unconnected game silent hill 4 and then canceled the REAL silent hill 4 because what was meant to be a different game didn't meet sales goals.

KeeseToast186d ago

I actually kind of like them branching out and giving developers creative freedom over the IP.
At the same time I also think they should have a big main title like Silent Hills that actually shows what the franchise is supposed to be and what direction they are taking.
Right now we have a remake and some AA looking games and no one knows what the future of SH is going to be.

SullysCigar186d ago

So, we still haven't seen Silent Hill: The Short Message, have we? They announced so much in one go - after such a long period of silence - I'm losing track a little here.

Magog186d ago

I won't write it off yet but doesn't look that unique.

CrimsonWing69186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Well, this reaffirmed my fear that western devs are going to make Silent Hill games without knowing what Silent Hill games are like.

That monster with the barbed wire looked like something from a Clive Barker game and the fat monster chasing you… ugh.

It’s not about the jump scares. Silent Hill is the atmosphere, the abstract, making you uncomfortable through sound, messing with your expectations. Yea the sound of your radio being static and barely being able to see the enemies is unnerving, but c’mon, Silent Hill isn’t whatever this game was showing. Hell, if I didn’t know it wasn’t a Silent Hill game? I’d have never guessed.

Man, it’s going to be on the level of Homecoming and Downpour… great.

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Silent Hill: Ascension Is a Livestreamed Silent Hill Event Coming Next Year

Today's Silent Hill announcements were not confined to just the games world. We also learned during the Silent Hill Transmission livestream that something called Silent Hill Ascension is in the works, and it appears to be some kind of live and possibly interactive experience in the Silent Hill universe.

gangsta_red409d ago

I have a feeling it's going to incorporate some type of Dead by Daylight gameplay

Mr_Luke408d ago

Mh... no thanks, not for me :D Among all the SH showed, this is the one i don't care about at all.