Street Fighter 6 - GamesRadar Review "Arguably the best overall fighting game package ever made"

Whether you're a hardcore fighting game player or a casual Street Fighter fan who hasn't touched the series for a generation or so, Street Fighter 6 has something for you and, not only that, manages to offer enough reason for both sides to dip their toes into the other side's water. It's a strong package – arguably the best overall fighting game package ever made – but it'd all be for naught if the fighting system that underpins it all wasn't up to much. It just happens to be the most flexible, versatile and expressive combat in a Street Fighter game to date. Street Fighter 6 is a perfect place to start or a brilliant continuation, an exceptional time for those who are looking to play 30 hours or 3000 hours.

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-Ghost125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Played the demo and loved it. Bring on Friday. Capcom 🔥 Glad to see the "A Must Play" stamp on Metacritic.

just_looken125d ago

yeah its a good fighter but dead or alive/teken still has destructive stages were you can change sets

Also why is there no voice over? just like pokemon a text read simulator see video

DarXyde125d ago

My god, you're a wet blanket, mate.

Someone's excited about a game coming out very soon that's being very well received, and your first instinct is to comment on what you see as shortcomings?

just_looken125d ago

Oh so i should be amazed a 2023 game has no voice overs? even though doa 5 from ps3 era has it?

Original xbox/ps2 era fighting games had environments that were interactive and you could destroy them

SO sorry i think a fighting game today should do more than what it does at the core then a arcade machine in the 90's.

Beyond graphics/roster/online p2p what huge difference is there between street fighter 90's arcade and this new one?

delano1984125d ago

Sf6 has so much content and quality of life changes it’s insane. Old fighting games really don’t compare. Other new fighting games don’t compare either. There’s just to much great stuff in it.

DarXyde125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


I'm sure you're fun at parties, but is that your takeaway? That you can't be critical?

It's a glowing review, someone's excited, and you're all negative.

There's context to these things, mate. If your kid just graduated high school and then I tell you that my daughter successfully defended her dissertation, how does that look?

You can do whatever you like here. You don't have to listen to me at all (you'll probably live longer if you don't).

Just found it off and kinda douchey.

RedDevils125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

One flaw shouldn't be a turn off from an overall package that it delivered. Stopped being a party pooper and enjoy what it got to offers.

Hofstaderman125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

@just_looken sometimes the core mechanics of a game are so good they don’t need to be totally overhauled.

Old McGroin125d ago


I played the demo of the rpg section and I'm pretty sure there were voice overs. Even if there wasn't, you're a bit of a tit for suggesting a fighting game can't be good because it has no voice overs.

KwietStorm_BLM125d ago

You don't play Street Fighter at all, and you damn sure haven't played 6 if you don't think there's a huge difference between now and Street Fighter II in the 90s. You're just talking.

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garos82125d ago

see you online on friday! im so hyped for this

CrimsonWing69125d ago

Amazing! Really stoked for this!

Dandalandan117125d ago

As I'm currently subscribed to PS Plus Deluxe I rarely preorder/purchase games day one. This is one of those rare times because I really appreciate what Capcom has done with this game and also based on my experience with the demo.
Already preordered the Utlimate Edition, can't wait to play this soon!

outsider1624125d ago

Crap! Now im torn between this and MK1

__SteakDeck__125d ago

Buy both. MK1 comes out in the Fall, you’ll have time.

oIMyersIo125d ago

This is the way.

Bummed the SF6 Collectors Edition is a bit rubbish so just went digital with it. Managed to ge the MK1 CE though because that statue looks…👌

Looking forward to see more of Tekken.

__SteakDeck__125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Shoutout to Capcom. They had some rough times 8/9 years ago. But what did they do? They put their heads down and worked on their franchises, and started making great games again. They didn’t need to buy anyone to get their company back on track, like a certain company.

Hofstaderman125d ago

This. This is how you turn around your fortunes.

__SteakDeck__125d ago

Exactly. You have to work for it, like Sony and Nintendo did. Don’t take the path of least resistance.

-Ghost125d ago

I hope they bring back Onimusha. Really enjoyed Demon Siege and Dawn of Dreams.

Shalnark124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

You will never see a new Onimusha or Dino Crisis or Breath of Fire if people keeps sucking up to Capcom and push them to be even more greedier than ever , this isn't the same Capcom you know from the 2000's or the 90's that takes risks to embrace creativity and niche titles , Capcom now are more richer than they were back in the day and much worse than ever when it comes to taking risks , they will play it safe and follow trends even if they have an endless fortune