Marathon Proves PlayStation is Keeping its Promise About Bungie

The reveal of Bungie's revival of the Marathon franchise at the PlayStation Showcase makes good on Sony's intentions with studio acquisitions.

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Sonyslave3114d ago

😩 Microsoft said 100x case by case with Zenimax and you can’t compare Zenimax to bungie. Let wait til Sony buy SquareEnix or Capcom and see what Sony going to do with them.

Bungee in my imo is how Ms treat their MMO studios and Minecraft they let release games on others platforms.

Elda114d ago

When Bungie was doing Halo for MS, Halo wasn't on Nintendo or PS.

shinoff2183113d ago

Ms also said games in development for ps would finish out. Turns out redfall was in development and got canned. If redfall was in development for ps5 I have no doubt in my mind that starfield was to.

Lightning77113d ago

People making up new narratives as we go now huh?

Bungie was a hand shake agreement to put all their upcoming games on Xbox. The agreement for Bethesda was to release all past games on PS but not future games.

It's that simple. Don't even try and look for something that's not there.

darkrider113d ago

Of course not beteshda hot much more games.. And they sold 2, 3, 4 times on Sony machines...

There no comparison with a shady company like Microsoft

staticall114d ago

One would even ask why Sony have purchased Bungie in the first place. If every Bungie game's gonna be multiplatform GAAS anyway.

Flawlessmic114d ago

Definitely 3 billions dollars that could've been better spent.

Sony's gonna learn real quick it's fan base don't want gaas games, they are the number 1 platform because people love what they have been providing up to this point.

They are moving very far away from that, while not completely it's a big shift and not one it's players want or like.

For every gaas game Sony's makes, thats one less brillant sp that we won't get from them.

Not saying I have enever enjoyed a gaas game or that multi is bad completely but for the most part gaas games basically contain everything that is wrong with gaming all rolled into one

CS7114d ago

Its amazing when you consider it.

“Hey guys, you know what we are amazing at and leading the industry in? Ground breaking single player games. We have decades of momentum and almost every new game we release breaks records”

“Yeah! Lets ease up on those and do micro transaction multiplayer ganes that there are 100s of and we have no expertise in!”

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s do this!”

purple101114d ago

You may be right
Or it may be 3billion that will allow them the basis of a shooter that will have the top quality online mechanics there looking for.

That one shooter could secure the lead for ps. Well actually that's pretty much assured anyway, but it will help

neomahi113d ago

But PlayStation inherited a lot of Xbox fans when Xbox screwed themselves over with Xbone so Sony has to keep that camp happy. It's not that PlayStation are only going to make games using that business model or that they'll necessarily take over the console but there are games that have to cater to people that want that style of game. PlayStation knows their story driven games are huge and they're money makers so I don't see them abandoning that any time soon.

Yeah, the fact Sony are letting Bungie develop multiplatform is a little concerning considering Microsoft's own greed with Redfall, that turned out to work in Sony's favor as Redfall was trash but, Sony still make good on their word, if their contract was to allow Bungie that freedom, regardless of how Microsoft choose to play the game and be dirty stealing the MLB The Show franchise (they could've told MLB "No, that's now how we do things in this business, we're gonna pass and do it on our own" but they gratefully accepted and even gave Sony's game away for free on their console" they paid zero money for) so, Sony told Bungie, we're honorable we'll make good on that, before the Activision deal, well, Sony are gonna adapt and play differently now

DarXyde113d ago

But you kind of say the important part without saying it there, mate.

Sony might be leaning into this stuff right now, but they know that's not where their bread is buttered. Their community isn't really into it, but since Bungie operates independently, they have the ability to tap into those communities that are.

PlayStation for me has always been about that unique single player experience, and I don't see that changing. The inclusion of new studios to do those multiplayer projects is fine as long as we don't have every studio doing what Guerrilla is (reserving judgment there).

Coexistence is fine, but the day GaaS takes precedence over single player I reckon is the day you get your worst selling PlayStation.

To be fair, I can't say GaaS is outright "bad". Developers just have to be careful in striking a balance where they start with a great game, followed by a steady stream of solid content, and keep the monetization practices in check.

Rude-ro113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

And Sony still has the developers that are doing what they are good at..
Sony ADDED developers for areas of gaming they were not good at or covering.

They did not buy bungie to have naughty dog, Santa Monica etc etc etc focus on live service games.

Numbers do not lie.
Single player games have failed more than live service games throughout the history of gaming…

But risks is where Sony does shine the most.

Bungies marathon has been in production since 2018 and only came with the acquisition of bungie.

Flawlessmic113d ago (Edited 113d ago )


Considering sp games have been around for 40 plus yrs not to mention there is way way more sp games your so called numbers dont lie is kind of meaningless, the fact u had to make up Reich comparison like that says a lot

Secondly were are not talking about sp games in general we are talking about Sony's sp games which 9 times out of 10 are highly sucessfull. I can guarantee you Sony gaas games will have a way more higher failure rate as opposed to Sony sp games.

Guerilla is working on a gaas horizon game just like nd is working on gaas last of us game so this dumb gaas stuff is actually infiltrating Sonys heavy hitting studios and isn't just relegated to Sony's new studios.

Gaas is rubbish for the most part and unless we get Socom, twisted metal or killzone I hope they all fail and Sony's just goes back to what they do best and encourage there new studios to make new ip sp bangers

Rude-ro113d ago

And those games you mentioned..
Last of us clans was by demand.
Not Sony forcing it.
Same with horizon.

The issue, that I think we all can agree on, is with the predatory micro transactions in gaas games.
But most of those scenarios are due to the players mentalities and self control since they do not impact gaming.
Nowhere near the level of cod where gameplay is actually influenced in house in order to manipulate consumers.

Since we do not know what Sony will do with the aspect of micro transactions in said above games… it is a wait and see.
If done right, we are talking about phenomenal live service game possibilities.

And they are in demand.
Since wow and sims.
Per the large demand of player vs player games…
Why not generate revenue with said demand?
Why not create an income that opens up more risks?
If Sony can create amazing single player worlds… why not let those worlds be a place for those players interested to offer more?
Like my example of last of us clans?
That was/is due player demand…

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Pedantic91113d ago

One could argue knowledge and expertise in certain fields is more valuable than a GAAS or two. Especially since we're closer to an all-out digital future for each year that passes.

Elda113d ago

They did it for business. The more platforms the game is on the more money they'll make.

generic-user-name113d ago

They did it for the online tech and know-how. An area Sony have lacked in. They've publicly stated this serveral times.

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darkrider113d ago

And its a bad move, because of what Microsoft is doing. A teaser of marathon did 13 million views in one day. Huge hype with just a cgi trailer.

z2g113d ago

"playstation is all about SINGLE PLAYER STORY DRIVEN EXLUSIVE GAMES! So here's a Multiplatform, multiplayer game from one our recent acquisitions!" LMFAO.

In all seriousness tho, I LOVE the design of this game so far. the aesthetics and graphic design are killer.


Bungie's 'Marathon' Gameplay Loop, Features, Progression, And More

Insider Gaming exclusively reports some early details on Bungie's new Marathon game, including its gameplay loop, features, and more.

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Redgrave93d ago

Kind of a shoot yourself in the foot before the race starts kind of statement. I've yet to see the crowd excited for GaaS titles. I've seen the hype for this fizzle out and die on discovery it was a GaaS after reveal.

A tall order to claim and live up to, with so many (myself included) sick of the extreme nickel and diming the industry has now.

bababooiy93d ago

Its not so much that people are tired its that most already commited so much money and time into some of these games they rather stick to that. Which is why all these new live service games fail miserably, weve seen literally dozens of fairly hyped new titles get shut down this year.
Its unrealistic to expect people to even have enough money to just be dumping hundreds of dollar on skins in multiple titles like that.

S2Killinit92d ago

I highly doubt that this is failing though. Its Bungie, game looks to be exciting with plenty of quality, and this is the maker of Halo, and Destiny we are talking about. I’m going on a limp and guessing that it will be another success for them.

BrainSyphoned93d ago

Sony bought Bungie to make live service and help advise their other live service games in development. What led you to believe it was going to be something else?

King_Noctis93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

But why does it have to be live service though? That is the real question. This game could have easily be a single player+multiplayer game in a whole and complete package. If it is done well, who knows, it could even be the COD’s replacement that Sony is looking for.

JEECE93d ago


Unfortunately if it was a standard 2000s-style single player+ multiplayer game, the community would be whining three weeks after launch that there isn't enough support and that they sent the game out to die. People have been so trained on live service games now that they can no longer play a multiplayer game because it's fun. It has to be about the progression system, skins, characters, and changing maps.

CrimsonWing6992d ago


Read this and you’ll see why:

It’s pretty disgusting, but it’s all about the money. Ol’ Jimbo is doubling down hard on this sh*t.

S2Killinit92d ago

Im personally really excited for it. It looked like it will be amazing and the lore behind this is epic apparently.

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JEECE93d ago

The problem is that you can't make a multiplayer game that isn't a live service now, because if you aren't constantly churning new maps/skins/characters into your game, people will say your game is dead and that you released it and abandoned it. The community unfortunately wants games to be live service games, it just doesn't like the terms "live service" or "games as a service."