Alan Wake 2 Has No Right Being A Digital-Only Game

Alan Wake 2 is skipping its physical release, and Remedy's reasons why are flimsy at best.

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jambola126d ago

What does it mean "has no right" ?
They absolutely, undeniably have the right

Profchaos125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Entitled people are entitled really.

I love physical especially if the game is 100 percent on disc and big free on launch but that's no longer the world we live in. I've been around long enough to know that my digital content is mine only when the servers are up.

However I don't skip games and protest when I can't buy a disc version as an example I've got more than a few games on switch, ps5 and Xbox that I can't even turn on without a download so what's the point of those being physical not much

gold_drake125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

i dont mind smaller games being digital, but bigger games i need to have physical. cause u dont own your digital games. if your account is suspended for any sort of reasons; you are fked.

its not people being entitled, its people wanting to own the games they buy with their hardworked money. games are expensive as is, especially now when living costs are unbelievably ridiculously high.

entitlement rly is the wrong word for it and you shouldnt throw it around like that. makes u look ignorant.

Prime157125d ago

I'm getting old, but gamers are some of the most melodramatic people of them all. If I reflect on some of the most used verbiage over my decades of life I remember words like garbage, noob, NPC/Bot, Pwned, and so much more.

That being said, video game "journalism" leans into controversy for clicks... Thus, sensationalism is mostly a norm for these bloggers.

And it worked. We're all clicking on it. Myself included... I guess I'm a hypocrite or a moron.

Tapani125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

You are correct.
If I create a piece of art, I am in control of how I want to distribute it, if at all.

Such an entitled and self-centered article.

-Foxtrot126d ago

My issue with it is that they come across like the decision was done for us, like they did it to help gamers and bring down the cost, we’re the excuse when really they did it for themselves

This game shouldn’t be digital only, I mean I personally think digital games shouldn’t cost only £10 less, I wouldn’t pay £60 for a digital game when it’s cutting out the middle man and disc production costs. At least physical I can sell it for some money back if need too.

I’ll hold off for now

I’ve waited 13 years for this, I can wait a bit more for a physical version

darthv72125d ago

If they say they are keeping the cost down... this would be the FIRST time anyone has actually done what many have said needed to happen when it came to digital vs physical. So many have said that if something is digital... it should be cheaper than the physical version. and here is someone actually doing it and people want to complain.

Okay okay... the complaint is not about it being cheaper, its that there is no choice. Well, that will likely change if they take THQ up on their offer. If anything this is on Epic and not wanting to press discs like they did for the remaster. It isnt the call of the developer whether or not something is made physically. Its the call of the publisher as in they are the ones who publish and distribute. If they dont want to put in the $$ for pressing and packaging then that is their right. I feel THQ is being very generous but we dont know the terms of the offer. would it be for 1m units, 50k...?

If it isnt THQ then it will be some repro outfits like SLG and LRG that will press and package and then things will really get out of hand when it comes to pricing and availability.

HyperMoused125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Digital should be cheaper is what people say but, only digital is what people dont want. Its not that cheap either $90 for the standard edition and it goes up from there, good to know that discs, printing, packaging, distribution, warehouse space etc only costs ten bucks per game.

-Foxtrot125d ago

Remedy can do what they like but I know it's Epic at the end of the day and their decision..just don't bullshit me and pretend you are doing it digital because you are trying to keep costs down for us.

All they have to say is "Yeah not up to us, there could be physical one day but don't hold us to that, we are unsure".

I hate Limited Run Games with how they've turned into over the years but I hope one day they get it at least.

Tapani125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

You should also think about the environmental side to the physical products. It's typically the worst kind of hard plastic that ends up in dumps and therefore later in the sea or burnt in a way that it releases toxic chemicals. Plus the energy to produce, package and ship it around the world. This all affects the environment. But perhaps you don't care and think everyone who thinks like that is a hippie, because you want the physical product.

Before you start, no I don't have a car, and I use trains sure, but live as ecologically as I can when reasonable. One decision for me is simply to always buy a digital product, because I'm an avid opposer of hard plastic production. (Plastic in itself is a fantastic material, we just don't recycle or reuse it, we just throw it away, and that is a real problem already for living beings, particularly for sealife. And that's why we have plastic particles in us more than ever and it causes probably cancer.)

shinoff2183124d ago

Actually in the manufacturing of plastics its recycled alot. We use regrind from the presses that can use it. It's more environmentally friendly and it cuts cost for the company because they use it in the next mix of material. Whether it's 50 percent virgin plastic and 50 percent regrind or 75 25. Once it's out the door and made product that's where your talking.

Even with that though most people wanting physical right now probably ain't throwing there games away so maybe even do a pre order for it. Press how many are needed then bam. All good.

Tapani124d ago (Edited 124d ago )


Those are very fair points and I fully understand what you are saying. I do, however, personally think that there is too much plastic in the world, and as recent studies have shown, this is the reason humans have increased amounts of microplastic in their blood circulation (including infants when they are born!) I think the only solution is to 100% recycle (which is not realistic) or simply cease new plastic production (which is not realistic either), so the only thing I personally ended up doing is avoiding buying, as much as I can, anything plastic, and increase the awareness even just a little bit. Our oceans are so full of it, and I can guarantee there are many hard plastic gaming DVD or Blu-Ray sized boxes of old and new in the mix.

Europe is becoming more advanced in this, and it is easier to speak about the topic before getting lynched, but my god here in Japan, it is a nightmare. We have to deny on a daily basis multiple unnecessary plastic wrappers and simply cook everything by ourselves, because even the food they cook at the local supermarket's kitchens come with 2-3 layers of plastic wrappers or boxes. Tokyo is the worst, they don't even recycle it properly and the recycling system produces more waste than the result of the recyling is reducing it. I even live in a region in Japan where the recycling and preservation of the nature is high importance, and here we have to recycle by the local law very strictly everything, which I appreciate.

I became aware of stuff like this when I lived in China for a couple of years and saw tens of meters of diameter pipes pouring massive amounts of waste right into the ocean, next to a beach where kids were swimming. A year later the city issued a warning that one should not go to the beach anymore. Plus a lot of people in there had plenty of problems with their burnt skin from the pollution.

Since then, I've been battling these small battles both online and personal life, but I try not to be too vocal about it because people tend to think you are a hippie or somehow above them if you recognize these problems. Every time I mention this problem on N4G in the context of digital distribution vs physical, I always get 100% dislikes. I think that's quite telling in itself.

Flawlessmic125d ago

Lol they can sell there game however they like. Remedy don't owe anyone anything.

hotnickles125d ago

Are you saying this dude has no right to a physical copy of AW2? Like zero rights.

Flawlessmic125d ago

That's literally exactly what I'm saying.

They are the creator and seller of a product, they have every right to sell it as and how they wish.

It is up the consumer to buy it that way or not, you don't like it then vote with your wallet, but remedy have every right and also zero obligations.

Magog125d ago

If you make something you have every right to sell it however you want.

Vengeance1138125d ago

Gamers (tm) sure can't keep their own narrative straight, they all hail the "PC Master Race" which is a 100% digital only platform where physical releases haven't existed for decades, then at the same time say physical media is best and won't accept anything less.
So really what can be taken from this is that those crying and whining over less options are simply the very vocal minority. Very few gamers won't buy Alan Wake 2 simply over being digital only. (Which btw it might not be as THQ Nordic said they would be open to make a Physical version).

MadLad125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Console players just want to be able to resell the games lol. Even "collectors" typically end up selling their collections after a while.

That's why I view the used game market as not very different than piracy, or potentially worse. One sale could eventually lead to seven different people playing it.
The loss of one isolated sale vs potentially several. It's still an example of a studio not being supported while people still are enjoying their stuff.

PC people are happy with digital only, being they've been happy with digital pretty much since its inception.

shinoff2183124d ago

Physical release still happen on pc. Also decades no they were around quite a bit decades ago.

Vengeance1138124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Who on earth is buying PC CDs? Computers don't even come with a disc tray anymore unless you find a super old case.