10 Wii Games That Need A Remaster On The Switch

These games deserve a second life.

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FalcorMononoke113d ago

I was rockin with you full force until you said that Metroid Prime 3 is the weakest entry of the Trilogy. 3 is far superior to 2 in every right. No contest.


Mortal Kombat 1 boss says Switch version will be fixed

The fighting series' creator admits the Nintendo edition isn't "the version we wanted to release".


Vanillaware's Unicorn Overlord Gets Gorgeous Screenshots and Gameplay & Story Details Aplenty

Vanillaware and Atlus revealed tons of details, screenshots, and artwork of Unicorn Overlord, the beautiful tactics RPG revealed at the latest Nintendo Direct.

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shinoff218320h ago

Hey developers, we on Playstation like jrpgs, rpgs, strategy rpgs to.

shinoff218316h ago

Thanks, I had already looked a couple today that didnt appear to be anywhere but switch so just seeing switch above I didn't even look this one up this time. Stuck at work.


Suda51 & Swery65's Hotel Barcelona Coming in 2024

Hotel Barcelona, the long awaited collaboration between Suda51 and Swery65, has been confirmed for launch in 2024.

Nacho_Z3h ago

I watched the trailer and it was disappointingly normal looking. The bosses being called Steve and Nigel was about the weirdest part.

CrimsonWing692h ago

Yea my feelings, exactly. When I saw these names together I was hoping for something like a next-gen Deadly Premonition or D4 kind of game… not some budget side scroller indie looking game.

FreeckyCake1h ago

Looks very budget to me. But I'll wait to see how it turns out when the game is finally launched