It's Time For The PlayStation Vita 2

Sony’s newly announced handheld game streaming device for PS5 has left many fans wondering why a PlayStation Vita 2 hasn’t been made yet instead.

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Vengeance1138117d ago

No it's not, if by now you can't understand that a company cannot properly balance both a home console and a dedicated handheld then I have no words for you.
If you want a Vita 2, be prepared for PS5 support to suffer greatly, if you want PS5 support, say goodbye to Vita 2 support. You don't get both.

blackblades116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Exactly, also they cant balance with VR2 out as well. We already seen how the OG failed. Also people dont realise it but having a device that can remote play is better imo. If they can increase the quality with the latency etc it'll be a good device. You can play every ps5/ps4 game even ps1/ps2 that comes around on that device. The Q imo is a better option then a vita 2. People say its not needed but its 50/50 you can play on phone/backbone but do we really wanna do it. All in all its a option, if you don't want it nothing changes for you and at least Sony doing something.

Christopher116d ago

I've said this before. I think the only way it would work is to create a dedicated division with its own funding while not decreasing home console/gaming funding at all. Otherwise, you're splitting focus in a time when competition is more important than ever and splitting that between PC/Xbox and Nintendo... that's a losing formula on both fronts. Sony isn't flushed with parent-company funding. People forget that too easily. They actually help fund other divisions with PS profits.

Eonjay116d ago

Nintendo solved this with the Switch. This is the only way it works in the modern era. Don't expect Sony to do the same because quite frankly getting a Portable PS5 to work is not something that anyone is will to pay for, Sony included. It would also cost at least $1000. But yes then they could support both systems.

Vengeance1138115d ago

Also where the new Project Q comes in which is exactly a portable PS5.

jznrpg117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

I’d love one but I don’t see it happening any time soon. Maybe next gen

gold_drake117d ago

i want a handheld like the switch is, but more or less in a way that i can take my ps5 games with me.
i dont need the docking station.

let me download them to the handheld and we're golden.

sci4me116d ago

Exactly this!. I would very much like an extension off the PS5, a portable option. I understand most people would say no but for me it would be an welcome addition.

gold_drake116d ago

yea, i definitely dont want a streaming device haha.

KingKionic 116d ago

We have nintendo dominating handheld hard but also the emergence of Steam Deck and ASUS ROG devices which has changed the entire standards of handheld to pc experiences.

For a handheld to be successful for sony it would have to sell millions upon millions with dedicated software.

Thats just not happening. Dream is far gone.

__SteakDeck__116d ago

@KingKionic Finally you said something smart.

Magog116d ago

No. They aren't going to try to support 3 systems. VR is the future and they have rightly placed their bet there. Q is plenty portable. How many places do you really go without wifi?

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