MGS3’s Master Collection Port Is More Exciting Than The Remake

Metal Gear Solid 3 is getting plenty of attention with PlayStation announcing a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and a port of the original trilogy. While remakes of beloved games can be exciting, this might be a case where the port of the original games is more exciting than the remake of MGS3. Some of this can be attributed to players knowing what they're getting for the most part when it comes to ports, aside from technical issues that might come up. But there are a few other aspects regarding MGS3' remake that could leave players feeling uncertain.

Metal Gear Solid 3 could use changes and improvements to bring it up to modern technology standards, but it doesn't need a full remake in the style of other recent remakes like Resident Evil 4 or Final Fantasy VII. As it stands, the port of the original trilogy is a safer hope than the remake of MGS3 for a couple of major reasons.

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Vengeance1138125d ago

No, it's really really not. Straight ports with absolutely no upgrades that everyone who is interested has already played VS current gen remake of a beloved title with all the bells and whistles to bring it into the current era. Everyone getting to see their beloved characters with that brand new current gen coat of paint! Auto infinitely more exciting.

VenomUK124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

I understand that Konami is not looking to go to the great expense of remaking the games, but I hope some kind of up-res option can be included which would automatically increase the frame rate and make them 4K.

neutralgamer1992124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

I will buy the collection even though I have it on PS3/360 simply so I have it on current consoles but I am way more excited for the remake. MGS3 is awesome but the controls for the game are very outdated so is the camera angles when trying to shoot stuff

I think we all will be very happy if MGS4 finally ends up away from ps3 generation. Those of us who have played it adore the game but being on such old hardware really doesn’t do it justice (done on cell processor might not be a easy port and not sure the type of contract Sony has its Konami) as much as I want everyone to play twin snakes and MGS4 I believe those games are more under Sony and Nintendo control than Konami

I much really be wrong and all those games can come to other platforms

just_looken124d ago

yeah seeing how mgs2 has been on xbox/ps2/pc/ps3/360 with only a hd upgrade it would be nice if they did a full resident evil style job on it.

gold_drake125d ago

we've had the collection on the ps3 already. they're just lorts. good to have but a remake is always more exciting

FallenAngel1984125d ago

In the midst of all this Konami still has yet to put MGS HD Collection back on PS3 and 360 digital stores like they promised

just_looken124d ago

They are for $70 only for ps5 :) same games more money

At this point just grab the old disc collection and a old system

djl3485121d ago

The old HD collection discs (loose, no case) go for $35-$45 on PS3/360. A PS3/360 console goes for $50-$70. So why would I pay $85-$115 for that when I can just pay $70 if I really want it?

just_looken120d ago

ps5 and mgs collection $800 or more

ps3 and hd collection $150

i see no issue

Sgt_Slaughter124d ago

The remake doesn't excite me because I have zero faith that Konami will handle this properly without Kojima at the helm

isarai124d ago

What exactly would he be doing? The game is already made, this new goalpost people have made just for this game makes no damn sense. Most remakes, even good ones, are done without the lead director's help, BECAUSE THEY ALREADY HELPED BY MAKING THE ORIGINAL.

CobraKai124d ago

That’s the scary part. Kojima and his team made 3 the game it was. If Konami tries to do an REmake and revamp…(hehe. Vamp) it, it could spell disaster.

jambola123d ago

Love how many disagrees you have for not trusting the company behind classics like metal gear survive and contra rogue corps

Santouryuu123d ago

Expect it to turn more anime-like.
Bullet time cut scenes and other overly dramatic shenanigans.
See twin snakes for reference, made without kojima.
It just depends on the studios involved. Did they already disclose the dev teams for either projects?

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CrimsonWing69124d ago


Is this person trolling?