Assassin's Creed Mirage is $50 and includes a free current gen upgrade

Ubisoft has priced its next Assassin's Creed game below the normal $70 MSRP of current-gen titles, and continues the cross-gen free upgrade promo too.

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GoodGuy09127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Quite excited for this one. I hope the price tag reflects the play time as well (about 6-8 hrs of story). Hell, if the story and overall game does a great job, I wouldn't mind paying $60 or even $70. Course we gotta wait to play the game ourselves before I think that lol. I'm sick of tons of hours spent on side quests and grinding in the rpg ACs, I don't even think of buying these games until they hit below $10 lol.

banger88127d ago

"I'm sick of tons of hours spent on side quests and grinding in the rpg ACs"

Well like you said, they're rpgs so what do you expect? They're supposed to be full of grinding/side quests and whatever else, just like any other rpg. If you're expecting to blow through these games in 20-30 hours, then these games aren't for you. Nobody complains about an 80+ hour jrpg. These are basically the Western equivalent of those.

shinoff2183127d ago

Shit I'll take a 80 plus hour jrpg any day.

raWfodog127d ago

And that’s the beauty of everyone being different. While you hated the side quests and long hours in the latest AC games, I enjoyed them thoroughly. Played Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla with all the DLC (at least a good 800 hour totlal). But guess what, I’m also looking forward to Mirage as well. Get more Basim backstory.

anast127d ago

I agree. I am currently playing Valhalla. A Basim story would tie everything together.

dumahim127d ago

I think DF Weekly said it was in the 20 hour range.
I don't think I minded the time in the recent AC games so much, but the massive maps with so much wasted space with nothing there. I think it was the last one, there was a huge section that didn't even have wildlife, for some reason.

More importantly, I hope the smaller game can reduce the bugs. They've had a constant problem with objects floating in the sky or underneath something else so you can't pick it up. In Valhalla, I had a backlog at the time, so I didn't play until like 3 months later and still had problems with side quests bugged. One of the events they did broke one of the crafting upgrades, I think arrow capacity, so you were stuck with the default amount. By the time I got to the end, the main story was broken and I couldn't finish the game (I think everything was unlocked on the chart with all the people but the last one, but it wouldn't unlock).

KingKionic 127d ago

Yea... this is sus.

Ubisoft trying a fast one here. i bet the game is worth $40 in the end.

andy85127d ago

They've said repeatedly its a smaller game in length similar to the older ACs. Personally I think going back to the old days in a small world will be great

dumahim127d ago

It was originally going to be DLC for Valhalla that got changed into a standalone game. We don't know if this is just going to be a one-off or the future of AC games.

andy85126d ago

It was, but it never progressed from an idea, all development was done with a new game in mind

JEECE127d ago

Well, the next time you are complaining about a game being $70, just remember that you automatically thought "budget garbage" when a game was priced at $50.

P_Bomb127d ago

Personally I applaud the relief. Canadian prices are stupid high. This one looks like a retro AC and is $20 cheaper. Sold.

Ashunderfire86127d ago

Damn how much is Canadian prices compared to $70 USD?

P_Bomb127d ago

Typically $89.99 plus tax although FFXVI is currently running at just under $94. Dead Island 2 is still at an even $98. It’s horse$hit.

Ashunderfire86126d ago

# P_Bomb

O wow $89.99 and games at $100 dollars! Yea I would wait for a deal for sure!

MetroidFREAK21127d ago

I'll get it on PS5 day 1. Since this one will be a bit shorter, may go for a completionist playthrough unlike previous AC games

Stanjara127d ago

I'm getting this one. Looks good to me.