Days of Play 2023 sale kicks off on June 2

Save on PlayStation Plus memberships

Start, renew, or extend your PlayStation Plus membership during Days of Play at a discount. Get access to quality titles, from Monthly Games, to Game Trials, to the compelling Game Catalog and Classics Catalog with hundreds of blockbusters and classics to choose from – depending on the plan you choose.

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VersusDMC126d ago

Now is the time to get yearly ps plus at 25% off, people.

closed_account126d ago

Yep, my PS+ expires next week, so I knew Days of Play would be hitting very soon!

I'll be downgrading from Premium though to either Extra or Essential. I had upgraded to Premium as a test during Black Friday sale, but found that I just don't have time to fully appreciate it these days. More of a personal problem I guess. :P

VersusDMC126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Yeah even at just an extra 20 a year its not worth it for me. Specially since i get access to the playstation classics that i purchased back in the ps3 era without premium when they are released on PS5.

outsider1624126d ago

Extra is perfect tbh. I just don't see the value of premium.

FinalFantasyFanatic125d ago

Guess I'll get a top off, I'm already a year or two ahead in my subscription.

ocelot07126d ago

My ps+ runs out in June as well good timing.


will be adding another year to my PlayStation plus i always worth getting it when a sale is on.

Magog126d ago

I got GoW Ragnarok for $27 on cdkeys if anyone is looking for a deal

purple101126d ago

That's good. But I plan to buy boxed £40. Sell for £20. Then both myself and a friend can enjoy it for less than digital cost.

DivineHand125126d ago

This is a good find. I doubt God of war will be anywhere near this price during the sale.

DaReapa126d ago

Yes, I got that deal last weekend, too.

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Sony Should Do More First Day Releases On PS Plus

With the increasing popularity of services like PS Plus and Game Pass, Sony should bank on more first-day releases to have more of an impact on its market.

Battlestar2321h ago

Yeah but they won't do that with their 1st party titles because they would lose out on Money by putting them on PS+.

The reason why i love Gamepass is because MS is footing the bill for the Xbox Division when it loses money on putting their 1st party titles on the service. But eventually they will stop footing the bill and raise the price of gamepass way higher so that customers start paying properly instead of the cheap price now.

When that day comes I'm cancelling my Gamepass subscription unless i can find a cheaper way for gamepass like a lot of those 1 euro deals I had be taking advantage of.

DOMination-17h ago

Is it demonstrably provable that they would lose money?

I'm asking because I don't have the data to prove either way and I'm not sure anyone here would.

But if you believe everyone on N4G, all PlayStation owners like to own physical copies of their games and like to fully support PS Studios by giving them a "sale". :D

More seriously though, I've pointed out on many occasions and people still don't understand - when somebody buys a game for $70, Sony doesn't get $70, the retailer does. The retailer buys the game off a distributor (usually) for around $45. The distributor buys it from the publisher (in this case, Sony) for ~$30. And then there's production and marketing to take into account.

Having a game available on digital distribution ensures Sony gets 100% of the cut (for first party games at least).

Sure, one month of PS+ will be less than the ~$30 Sony might get for a physical copy. But most people aren't going to pay for just one month. I guarantee that the majority of subscribers are annual and have auto renew on. Plus the bet that MS is taking is that more and more people will end up subscribing as more content is made available. Whether that bet works out, time will very much tell on that. But with that all considered, I ask again.. is it definitely 100% true that they will make less money? I'm not convinced myself.

derek1h ago

What are you talking about, this isnt hard to understand? Newsflash giving something away for free that you normally would sell at full price will result in a dramatic loss in revenue.

arkard1h ago

Digital Copies are like 90% of the way games are purchased now I think so sony or Microsoft are for sure pocketing 100% of the money from their digital stores.

Phoenix761h ago

Is it demonstrably provable that they would lose money?

I would say yes to that. You only need to look at streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ or any of the other services right now. They are lossing cash ATM in huge amounts.
Having gaming go the same way will end up destroying the industry

andy8524m ago

@arkard it's nowhere near 90% digital. Please forget about that one article that had mobile and PC gaming included, which of course neither can be physical.

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erinlime21h ago

Gamepass is horrible for developers, why would you want the second biggest publisher to follow the business practices of the third biggest publisher. Clearly whatever Sony is doing works for them and for their third parties.

Phil Spencer following the Netflix model for video game releases has seriously hurt this industry and warped the perspective of many consumers.

Cyan_Over20h ago

Honestly I agree, but there still exists the issue on containing the playerbase, which Xbox has been strengthening, very slowly.

shinoff218316h ago

Has xbox been doing that though. The base is probably 40 50 mill tops

Obscure_Observer16h ago

"Clearly whatever Sony is doing works for them and for their third parties."

Indeed. That´s why they gave its subscribers a whooping 40% increase while offering some crappy inferior service in return. They know they can get away with it.

Imo, whatever Xbox is doing, is working for US, gamers!

Gamepass is getting many indie, AA and AAA day one releases from third party, because Xbox is willing to do it themselves in the first place, unlike Sony who believes their games are too special to be release day one even in their most expensive PS Plus tier. They will not allow even their old games to STAY on PS Plus as we saw with Spider- Man.

Right or wrong, MS is getting more profits out revenue than Sony, Gamepass´s quality is the very reason why it now have more than 30+ Million subscribers while both PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra accounts for only 14.1 Million subscribers.

After that egregious price increase, Sony better start and offer better and newer games than they had offered until now, or they´ll start and lose subscribers.

I hope things to change for better now that Ryan is gone.

erinlime16h ago

Yeah man, Xbox is so great for smaller developers.

Oh wait what are these articles stating otherwise.

But who cares about developers if it's better for "US, gamers!" Right?

Yeah, the PS+ price increase sucks and I don't like it either, I'm not going to defend every dogshit decision Sony makes, but the Gamepass model isn't the way to go.

shinoff218316h ago

You can say what feel but imo aside from day 1 ps plus has better offerings.