Starfield Being Great Could Change Xbox’s Fortunes

GB: "I hope that Starfield comes out is a great game that does well, which causes a spike in interest for the Xbox brand."

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LordoftheCritics128d ago

Unless there's another delay announcement.

raWfodog128d ago

Game delays may not be great news for Sony/MS but they are (could be) ultimately beneficial for a games reception during its release window. Buggy releases could affect sales as news spread of the problems people are having with a game.

Godmars290128d ago

Game delays don't seem to do much for Xbox, given examples such as Halo Infinite or Redfall.

Crows90128d ago


Except it's not exactly an Xbox game. They had very little to do with it other than purchasing the rights

PapaBop128d ago

What sales? Everyone is going to get it on gamepass anyway

Kurt Russell127d ago

They're in a tough spot. This game needs to deliver, if it isn't ready and it delivers anything less than perfection then they'll be chastised. But if they delay to make it perfect, this year goes by completely dry and they'll be chastised.

I hope it is a fantastic Bethesda title, but my expectations for it are not set high. I feel Fallout 4 was "fine" and Fallout 76 was awful (at least on launch, haven't played since)... I don't think they have it in them.

1Victor127d ago

To be fair it can change their future if they stick to quality over quantity but as desperate as they are I highly doubt Microsoft will stick to quality and churn games as fast as they can as now a days you can ship a game with massive holes and patch them at a later date within a year of delivery. 🤷🏿

isarai128d ago

One great game is a great start, not a redemption. Consistently delivering would change their fortunes

Obscure_Observer128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

The Xbox Showcase will be the talk of the town for the rest of the year!

We´ll be getting about 30 minutes of Starfield´s deep dive which shows tons of confidence in that game from Todd´s team at Bethesda. And that´s worth only 1/4 of the time of the entire Xbox presentation!

Xbox and PC gamers are in for a treat! 13 days to go, boys!

thesoftware730128d ago

Indeed! Looking forward to it!

I know how big SF could be, but Hellblade 2 and Avowed gameplay is what I really wanna see.

Because if Hellblade 2 gameplay mimics what we have see so far, it would be the hands down best looking game on any console.

Obscure_Observer128d ago

"Because if Hellblade 2 gameplay mimics what we have see so far, it would be the hands down best looking game on any console."

Indeed. Easily the best looking game of the generation.

Hereandthere127d ago

lol, you're thinking a cheap low budget Unreal Engine game is going to be the best looking game on console. Please spare me.

Rocketisleague128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Todd is always confident in his games. He lies alot too. He's one of the biggest gaming memes for a reason.

Unfortunately for Bethesda they've been caught out. They were special in 2005. And in 2011. Then they were overtaken and have had nothing but shambles and lackluster entrkes since.

The just can't design a fun game anymore

Crows90128d ago

Fallout 4 was fun for me. That's their last mainline game.

darkrider128d ago

That's always the problem overhyping stuff beyond the roof.

DeusFever128d ago

I’ve been disappointed by Microsoft’s confidence before and I will be again. I’ll wait for reviews from the early adopters.

Ra3030128d ago

Seems exactly like a repeat from last June Starfield deep dive and all.

Crows90128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Get your fanboy crap out of here. If the showcase is good...which it better be given all the purchases and how long we've had to wait to see anything meaningful from Xbox...then that's good for gamers. Good games is good for gaming...not for a particular fanbase.

Starfield is the least I'm excited for from the showcase.

Obscure_Observer128d ago

"Good games is good for gaming...not for a particular fanbase."

Not fault if you´re bitter in disappointment, dude.

It´s time for gamers who play on Xbox and PC to celebrate and be excited. So you can gtfo, because I don´t give a damn whether the Xbox Showcase will please you PS cultists or not.

"Starfield is the least I'm excited for from the showcase."

And here you are, on a Starfield related topic, talking crap downplaying an Xbox first party game that you won´t even play. Smdh.

maniacmayhem127d ago

"Get your fanboy crap out of here. "

Exactly where is the fanboy crap? So because you're not excited means that he can't be?

This is definitely good for Xbox gamers because hopefully we will get to see the fruits of these purchases.

Crows90127d ago


This comment was for obscure...it's self evident that he spouts fanboy crap throughout his comments. But yes lots to be excited for from the showcase ..hopefully, unlike with PlayStation they'll deliver the excitement. I just don't think a Bethesda game is going to do what people think it will do...there's a lot more in the pipeline for Xbox that can do that. It's never just one game.

But as for my comment...just look at obscures comment. Calling me a PS cultist..and insulting PlayStation fans. My comment was only at him.

Crows90127d ago

As usual you misconstrue every single response you get.

Yes absolutely starfield is my least exciting game from Xbox. You got fable, perfect dark, avowed and hellblade ..much more excited for those since we've barely seen anything.

We already know what starfield will look like and more or less play like...it's a Bethesda game.

So yet again. Wrong since I've likely been an Xbox IP fan longer than you but don't let fanboyism stop me from pointing out the glaring issues with the brand.
And wrong because you failed to comprehend the comment. Even if starfield is the least exciting game it means there's excitement...
And even more wrong where you understand that this article is only about starfield. It's about whether starfield can change the course of Xbox...anybody can comment on that.

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KingKionic 128d ago

I expect Starfield to be a masterpiece. This is bethesdas newest rpg ip in over a decade.

Cant wait till the Starfield Direct.

stonecold3128d ago

and yet xbox game show wont get any 20 million veiw compared to spiderman

KingKionic 128d ago

Spiderman is popular. Sonys own PlayStation showcase never even got close to those numbers.

Need to pump ya breaks. It shows literally one game is holding them lol.

Christopher128d ago

One great game doesn't make other games great Look at Sony, lots of great games, a lackluster showcase.

KingKionic 128d ago

Xbox showcase will destroy Sonys.Starfield has its own direct by itself.

Wheres a dedicated direct for any other playstation games after there playstation showcase right now?


rob-GP128d ago

"Wheres a dedicated direct for any other playstation games" - where have you been for the last three years? Sony puts on dedicated State of Play showcases a month or so before the game releases, followed by multiple dedicated articles, lots of promotion via Twitter and YouTube, and usually in-person events in various capital cities around the world.

That's where Sony's "dedicated directs" are - when the date is locked in and the time to build hype is now.