Video by Nvidia Aims to Prove the Power of Generative AI in Games & Does Exactly the Opposite

Nvidia just released a video aiming to prove the power of generative AI in video games and it's certainly interesting... but likely not in the way it was intended.

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just_looken121d ago

The worst part it this saves alot of money just like the unreal engine 5 demo that has auto terrain generation and ai scripting in built.

Its all about the savings so i can see this being used in all forms of media to save a buck.

There have been alot of jobs in the past lost to robots now they have a voice and can replace entire division of creation more jobs will be replaced :(.

Ai gen art ai voice overs ai auto created terrain ai used to edit videos and full ai created commercials.

Soon it will be alexia make generic rpg :( no passion/creative vision or soul like those little things devs add or put there spin on.

If you have not seen it here is the ue5 auto generation tool

In the old days that would take days and alot of people

phoenixwing121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I wanted to give this ai a fair shake but that guy was so lifeless expression wise. On the flip side some devs have made crappier moments in gaming. I'm sure we remember mass effect Andromeda with the person being so tired.

Viljong120d ago

"Nvidia’s gaming division, which includes the company’s graphics cards for PC sales, reported a 38% drop in revenue to $2.24 billion in sales"

staticall120d ago

There's no behavior for this "Jin" NPC, just a standing talking emotionless head. Not even saying "Hi" to the potential customer. Guess AI doesn't know what "manners" are, huh?
"What? Powerful crime boss is wreaking havoc in a city? I'll go talk to him." Who're you playing as, a freaking superman? Sounds kinda dumb.

I wonder, does this "dialog" always leads to the same results, just with different phrasing?
If not, then, gameplay-wise, wouldn't it cause confusion? If dialog potentially never ends? Or you might get infinite amount of quests from the same NPC if you talk with it long enough? I mean, now, when i'm talking to the NPC and the dialog starts going in circles, i know it's my cue to leave. Here, this "AI" can keep talking about different subjects. As a player, i might not be able to differenciate what's important (quest details, hints, etc), what's a bla-bla-bla and what's a lie (incorrect details from other/previous quests/NPCs).

They said this tool allows you to build customized speech, conversation, and animation. I didn't see any animations; speech was lifeless and dialog was all over the place (how often a shop owner asks you to deal with crime boss? Not ofter, i bet).
I know that some might say this is a first steps or whatever. But they're not impressive at all. Maybe i got spoiled by other neural networks, i dunno. But this doesn't look interesting or engaging, because i usually skip such pointless dialogs.

P. S.: Wouldn't it be funny if you go to that crime boss, talk to him and he'll say that he's causing chaos because of that Jin ramen shop and how he never says hello

Number1TailzFan120d ago

Pretty sure those things are easily added in, why they didn't add emotion to his face I'm unsure, and the greeting can also easily be added/scripted.

It's possible this particular demo was rushed out, I've already seen it done better with actual robot heads.

Magog120d ago

As time goes on this is going to get exponentially better. Go back just 2 years and AI was in its infancy. This IS the future. In the end it is just a tool which should allow for bigger and better games with the human attention being put into the most important aspects that require real artistry. As it is many game companies outsource that type of work now they won't have to.

Abriael120d ago

I've heard the same about NFTs.

CS7120d ago

And the internet.

The point is use your judgement to determine what is a fad and what isn’t.

Paying for JPGs is stupid. A computer than pass complicated exams on its own is a big deal.

(And yes people doubted the internet)

Abriael119d ago

@CS7: only, the computer isn't passing complicated exams on its own. The computer is passing complicated exams by plagiarizing humans.

When humans do that, it's called cheating and you get disqualified.

Miacosa120d ago

Once they figure out how to get rid of the stilled voice-over loads then it might be something.


Resident Evil 4 VR Mode – PlayStation VR2 hands-on report

PS blog:

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode invites players to dive into the world of Resident Evil 4 and directly step into Leon’s shoes to take on grueling survival missions in the ultimate immersive experience.

Offered as a free DLC for the PlayStation 5 version of the game and releasing this winter, this will allow you to experience Leon’s full story campaign in VR.

At last week’s Tokyo Game Show, we slipped on a PS VR2 headset, donned our Sense controllers and plunged into the dark heart of survival horror.

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nishanth12319h ago

This one game/mode I'm really looking forward to this year!!

Babadook718h ago(Edited 18h ago)

This winter meaning this year, I hope.

psplova16h ago

Cannot wait for this. Been holding off of RE4 specifically to play in VR. .. Which hasn't been that hard to be honest, what with all the amazing games I've been wrapped up in lately..

legendkilla7h ago

Yeah, same here! The wait will be worth it!

Abnor_Mal16h ago

I stopped playing the game on Quest as soon as I heard there was a PSVR2 version in the works.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has officially hit 10 Million Units Sold-Through Globally

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has officially hit 10 Million Units Sold-Through Globally!


Excellent game and I’d welcome a sequel.

Dirty_Lemons18h ago

Brutally hard but very good game.

HyperMoused15h ago

Absolutely loved this game, but got burn out on the final boss, ill get him one day, i still think four phases is BS though

chrisx14h ago

Same here. I'm not even interested in going back I tried my best, getting to him was a great achievement on it's own.

recoctimocassirnff13h ago

Still have this game in my backlog. Really need to get around to it. Having too much fun with BG3 atm, though.

MEGANE13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

30+ years of gaming xp and this is the first game that kicked my ass, currently stuck on the Owl second fight… I regret nothing.

qalpha9h ago

I'm in the minority, but the Owl fights were waaaay harder for me than any other, including Isshin Sword Saint. I think I died on that rooftop anywhere between 60 to 80 times on him. I wish the game kept track.