Switch vs DS Sales Comparison - April 2023

April 2023 is the 74th month that the Nintendo Switch has been available for. During the latest month, the gap grew in favor of the DS by 4.15 million units when compared to the Switch during the same timeframe.

In the last 12 months, the DS has outsold the Switch by 2.10 million units. The DS is ahead of the Switch by 15.40 million units.

The 74th month on sale for the Nintendo Switch is April 2023, while for the DS it is December 2010. The Switch has sold 125.06 million units, while the DS sold 140.45 million units during the same timeframe.

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With Switch 2 Coming, Portable Devices Could Be The Future From Here On

Thanks to their portability, steadily advancing hardware, and superb library, portable gaming devices might become the dominant choice soon.

GoodGuy092d ago

Consoles, desktops, and handhelds are all here to stay. Good to have all these options.

MrNinosan13h ago

Hope not.
I'm fine they're around, but the day it makes my gaming experience worse on home consoles is when I will hure someone to burn down Nintendo.

Nintendo almost suceeded destroying gaming with Wii.
Due to amazing sales for people who didn't knew better, Sony started on the Move Controllers and MS on the Kinect.
Luckily enough they both flopped and they went back to focus on the right things.

DDlizzin7h ago

"Nintendo almost suceeded destroying gaming with Wii."
LMAO! Way to be hyperbolic.

Oobah12h ago

It's very possible especially with Nintendo as games performance continues to improve in the handheld scene.

Hofstaderman11h ago

No. Portable has been around since forever. It's a supplement to a traditional console. Will get a switch 2, but I anticipate that I will be playing it in bed like the current switch.

BrainSyphoned10h ago

Unless Nintendo fixes their online, shopping, achievements and other key quality of life features that's a no. It will be worth buying for a specific handful of games like most Ninetndo systems and not much beyond that. I don't doubt it will be in the running for the best selling system of all time, but, it will still be the side action and not the platform to move in with.

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Switch file sizes - Princess Peach: Showtime, Another Code, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Tomb Raider, more

Listings on the eShops provide file sizes for a bunch of Switch games. These include Princess Peach: Showtime, Another Code: Recollection, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft, and more.

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Xenoblade composer shares a message, says "it's time for a fresh start"

Xenoblade Chronicles composer Kenji Hiramatsu reflects on his work and feels that it's "time for a fresh start."

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autobotdan17h ago

Best JRPG series of the last 5 years imo

repsahj17h ago

I agree 100%. My top JRPG so far, together with Baldurs Gate 3 and FF16.

autobotdan16h ago(Edited 15h ago)

There is no together at the top. There is only one top jrpg series. Xenoblade Chronicles series is alone at the top

raWfodog13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

I like the Xenoblades series but my ‘top’ series would be either the Trails series or Persona series. Just too many good games for me to just pick one series though, so I say play them all lol.

autobotdan12h ago

You are hereby excommunicated the church of Xenoblade Chronocology

CappyBlack2h ago

I'm not huge into JRPGs, but my favorite is easily the Persona series. It's all opinion though. Xenoblade is a great series.

repsahj17h ago

XC4 for Switch 2 for the win!! So excited!

phoenixwing7h ago

Also they might port over xenoblade x to the switch 2