PlayStation Visual Arts Suffers Layoffs As An Unannounced Project Gets Restructured

John Borba:

Hey friends and colleagues,
Sadly, due to a large pivot on the AAA multiplayer game I've been working on, there was some restructuring within our studio and I was one among the people let go to support the new budgetary needs. Basically, the industry is tightening belts all over the place and I ended up where a lot of folks are right now. I love the people I got to work with and the projects I worked on and I'm sure you'll love them too.

That said, my time at PSVA (PlayStation Visual Arts) will soon be coming to a close and I am looking for new production opportunities in game development. Please feel free to reach out. Also, if you're passing by, it would help tremendously if you shared this post so there's a greater chance some awesome new opportunity comes my way! (If you share, thank you so much!)

I'll share my sentiment from a meeting earlier that I wholeheartedly feel. I'm gonna miss these awesome folks.

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-Foxtrot123d ago

“ changes due to a large change in an unannounced multiplayer titles”

Figures. Multiplayer strikes again. What are they thinking with this multiplayer / GaaS plan

They were doing so well before any of this, they only need or two good multiplayer titles. Maybe bring Killzone back or Resistance.

Is it worth throwing everything they’ve gained over the years for the GaaS lifestyle. Whether or not people want to admit it or not over time the single player side of them will suffer, it will take longer for them to come out because the second teams will be too busy

isarai123d ago

Yeah as soon as I heard they were focusing on GAAS I was rolling my eyes. It's so tone deaf honestly, especially when Playstation is the leading example of successful single player games. I hope this BS doesn't affect projects and studios still focusing on SP, but I would be fine if the entire plan just went away, it's stupid and unnecessary

-Foxtrot122d ago

" I hope this BS doesn't affect projects and studios still focusing on SP"

I don't think it will straight away but if they become a success we'll then start to see a change.

If the second teams in the elite studios they have are made to work on multiplayer titles then people will have to wait even longer between games for another single player one.

The best scenario is the first batch of GaaS games underperform, Jim Ryans plans backfire, the higher ups scramble, they backtrack on these new ideas, replace Jim Ryan and go back to what to they were originally doing.

If they succeed and do super well, then they'll double down on them.

porkChop122d ago

This is getting crazy. Guerilla also confirmed in December they're working on a multiplayer Horizon game. It seems like every 1st party studio is working on live service games. Other than Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine, what other singleplayer games have they already announced?

anast122d ago

They are told to. All of the big media members are told to create YT channels. This is how this stuff works when companies are fighting over territories.

Lightning77122d ago

I believe ND is working on a Single player game. Not sure if it's The Last Of Us 3 or something new entirely.

Tacoboto122d ago

Naughty Dog did confirm they're working on a single player game, in the same tweet as them saying the multiplayer game they've spent the last three years on isn't good enough yet.

__SteakDeck__121d ago

@Ravens52 What? PS is making more money than ever. He’s not going anywhere, you’re delusional.

__SteakDeck__121d ago

@Asplundh PS fanboys downvoted me. But I spoke nothing but facts.

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__SteakDeck__122d ago

@-Foxtrot That’s cool expect Killzone and Resistance never made any money.

Asplundh122d ago

People are nostalgic with those games but that's the truth of it. They weren't making enough money. The last Killzone game in the series, Shadowfall sold a decent amount less than previous entries despite being a launch title and having a system bundle. Resistance 2 sold a lot less than the original and then Resistance 3 sold even less.

zaanan122d ago Show
Tedakin122d ago

GAAS can be monetized continously. Single player games cannot.

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago

But the failure rates are so high for GAAS games, a single player game is probably a safer bet if you want a return on that investment.

Lightning77122d ago

2 fears that I have.

One. If a Live Service game fails lay offs happen full stop sometimes threatening closure or a near reboot to said studio a studio. Sony can't be so tone def to put their own studios in jeopardy for that mythical case cow that is live service.

Two. This solidifies we won't ever see Ratchet and Sly Cooper's of the Worlds for along time if ever now. Unless they can find a way to make it live service at this point.

ravens52122d ago

Replace this guy man. He's really pulling Playstation in the opposite direction it was headed. Tf, it's infuriating. Don't try to change shit, u don't kno what gamers want.

JackBNimble121d ago

But you love Jim Ryan, he's the face of Sony

GamingSinceForever122d ago

“The best scenario is the first batch of GaaS games underperform, Jim Ryans plans backfire, the higher ups scramble, they backtrack on these new ideas, replace Jim Ryan and go back to what to they were originally doing.”

Damn so you hope they fail? I don’t
know you personally but that’s some selfish ish there. If it fails a lot of people will be out of work. Some of you take this hobby way too personal.

-Foxtrot122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

If they are shit and damage the single player industry, transforming Sony into a money hunger GaaS machine?



That’s not being selfish at all, it’s trying to preserve the great things we have now

Lightning77122d ago

I don't think it's all Jim Ryan. It's clear from all these shows when Jim Ryan opens these shows he's devoid of personality even in interviews I feel like he's just doing what he's told simply put. He's listening to his bosses and Carrying out their orders and their vision.

__SteakDeck__121d ago

@Lightning77 Phil Spencer has more personality that Jim Ryan and how is that working out for them? Lol

artgamer122d ago

I don't support GAAS and I never will but I don't think this has anything to do with GAAS, instead this reeks of artists getting replaced by AI.

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SinisterMister123d ago

Layoffs are never easy to bear. I hope that person gets a new job soon!

Jin_Sakai123d ago

Welcome to the Jim Ryan effect. Wish we had Shawn Layden back.

DOMination-122d ago

Not to be pedantic but Shawn Layden and Jack Tretton were just head of SCE America. The CEO/President of PlayStation before Jim Ryan was Andrew House and before that Kaz Hirai.

TheCaptainKuchiki122d ago

That's MS' fault.
Thye forced Sony to spend 3 billion on Bungie, Sony has to layoffs people in smaller studios as a result.

122d ago
Gamer75121d ago

Geez the lengths that people will go to just to blame MS for something that Sony did is getting ridiculous

TheCaptainKuchiki121d ago

Before disliking, ask yourself: would Sony have bought Bungie if MS had not purchased ABK?

sparky77123d ago

It was probably the Bungie effect again, likely saying it won't monetize well.