Dragon's Dogma 2 Looks Great, But No Co-Op Is a Missed Opportunity

Dragon's Dogma 2 looked fantastic in the new trailer, but then CAPCOM said it would be single player only, a huge missed opportunity.

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Magog127d ago

Ageed. It could easily work well as a co-op adventure

aws04126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

It definitely ruins the single player experience so not needed

KingKelloggTheWH126d ago

Having a coop partner simply replace one pawn wouldn't alter the single player experience on the slightest

I'm the game you have a party of pawns as is. I'd having them doesn't ruin it. Optional coop wouldn't either

jznrpg126d ago

Adding a PC compared to NPC would chance the difficulty by a lot. They would need to work on balancing it’s not as easy as just add this it’s so easy.

luckytrouble126d ago

I've played enough games to know that human vs computer AI ally is not comparable. It's a balancing nightmare trying to account for the skill of a second human being on the screen.

drizzom126d ago

Pawns don't get impatient when you step away for a break. People do. I like playing at my own pace.

shinoff2183126d ago

Yep just like all the multi-player games that come out and is said to be able to single player it most of the time they turn out to be trash in single player

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jznrpg126d ago

So many I’m worried or missed opportunity articles it’s getting lame


Hell no! It being a single player title makes me want it more.

gold_drake126d ago

i played it alone the first time around, so im not rly bothered it being singleplayer.