The VR action-shooter "Synapse" is coming to PSVR2 on July 4th, 2023

"nDreams are delighted to reveal the illustrious voice acting cast that will feature in the eagerly anticipated VR action-shooter, "Synapse". nDreams are also happy to confirm that the game will be launching exclusively on PlayStation® VR2 on July 4." - nDreams.

Profchaos114d ago

I'm interested to see how this turns out I'm not typically a fan of the rouge lite genre but this looks really polished and since it's VR I think my perception will differ greatly from my approach to something like returnal which have to admit I didn't love after playing it on PS plus

TGG_overlord114d ago

That is a very good and valid point imo. So only time will tell how this one will turn out in the end.

lucian229114d ago

i dont like games in vr that move like this; really really wish we got a superhot VR 2


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