Final Fantasy 15 Criticism Is A Reason Final Fantasy 16 Isn’t An Open World Game

Despite not being an open world game, FFXVI features several open field areas.

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Flawlessmic123d ago

Thank god its not open world.

It impacts story telling so much and final fantasy has always been as much about the story as anything else for me.

Vx_123d ago

Seriously, the only open world game I have ever finished is GTA and the Witcher, and I struggled to finish it.. most open world games get boring pretty fast. Thankfully this isn’t an open world.

merlox122d ago

The open world was fun. It let you explore more than a closed linear world. The driving was fun and able to go anywhere was great. It didn't ruin the story any and added more exploration. This was a good thing for the story.

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I partially agree, although we haven't had a good FF story since the PS2 days, I think open-world only exacerbated the issues that FF15 had with it's characters and story telling. But that game had alot missing that they could have implement if they dropped the open word aspect, I'd be willing to go semi-linear as well if it had to be done.

Flawlessmic122d ago

semi linear is perfect, easier to tell a great story, we still have some form of freedom, but more importantly we get different locations.

Thats the other part that makes FF, FF for me anyway, traveling to different and distinct areas. being located on samey looking map just isnt what i want from a FF.

I want to be taken on a nice long adventure across the world they have made, not just one place

RedDevils122d ago

F yeah! FF15 was a borefest, couldn't even finish the story because it so boring. At least 13 is not as bad.

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago

For all the s**t we give 13, it really did have a much better story than 15, the characters were also better as well (stuff Snow though, he never really grew on me).

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Magog123d ago

I enjoyed FF15 but I didn't play it at launch I played the royal edition. The end was a downer slog but the beginning was a lot of fun. Road trip with the crew vibe was original and enjoyable.

TricksterArrow123d ago

Yep. But it was COMPLETELY dettached from the story. Not well incorporated at all.

porkChop123d ago

I think the road trip vibe would have worked better with multiple smaller open maps rather than one big one.

Magog123d ago

That would take away the driving aspect which would take away the road trip... If anything it could have done with a bigger map with more cities.

Rocketisleague123d ago

I don't get it...it was smaller open maps. It would have been fine if the story was paced alot better.

I actually found the last 5 hour sthe best part of the game.

If you want ffxv to be a decent game. Just follow the road, skip the side quests apart from the dungeons and rush through the story.

The only problem with open world is fetch quests, poor side quests etc. All the ff games generally have interesting side content that expands on the world. That started to dry out since ff12. There's still content in ffxv, it's just not worth doing. Again the dungeons being the exception.

I thought the ending in particular was very good though even for an ff game.

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago

Bigger map? There was hardly anything worth of note in the original game as it was, nah, small map, more towns and cities.

shinoff2183123d ago

I hated that the most. It was just a huge dude bro fest. It's wasn't a good game imo

Harkins1721123d ago

XV's open world should have been spaced out better in other areas. Doesnt help that the story is just all over the place and rushed in places. The DLC should have been in the base game. XVI looks to have all this solved. Obviously I have to wait to play it for sure. And I dont want to jinx it but Yoshida's team looks to have had a great development cycle. Where Tabata saw criticism on any little thing and would change them.

isarai123d ago

I'm glad we're finally getting over this "Everything needs to be open world" trend

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago

I'm glad too, most of those open-world games chasing the trends weren't even very good, I don't even like many of those games in that genre.

Inverno123d ago

15s open world wasn't the problem. The problem was that it was an unfinished game