Phantom Blade Zero is the perfect post-Elden Ring tonic I've been waiting for

With flavors of Sekiro, Souls and Sifu, Phantom Blade Zero is already one for the future.

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Flawlessmic116d ago

I'm very wary of this game.

The showing was amazing but apparently, development of this game only started in 2022 so I have no idea how in less than yr and half they managed to show the gameplay they did.

I hope I'm wrong but this will likely be vapour ware.

Seen a lot of these great looking Chinese games that just disappear, wukong is another one that looked amazing and has gone silent.

Melankolis115d ago

and where is Lost Soul Aside?

Ahytys115d ago

Wukong was given regular updates twice a year since it was announced. It has an announced release window of summer 2023.

Magog116d ago

The game looks amazing. Could even be a GOTY contender.

ZeekQuattro116d ago

You think a proof of concept trailer is a GOTY contender? You heard it here first folks. 🤣

Seth_hun116d ago

Its all fake gameplay. We saw many such vaporvare titles from Korea or China.

shinoff2183116d ago

Theirs vaporware from all over the world. There's still some dope games coming from these regions. I've heard great things about f.i.s.t

GhostScholar116d ago

I’m an Xbox guy, but I don’t see Sony allowing a vaperware game to come out. It’ll be good I think.

Skate-AK115d ago

Idk man, Abandoned was quite a shit show for PlayStation. While it has never released, I can't believe they promoted it in the first place.

Silver_ShadoWolf116d ago

It looks like a concept trailer. It will look and play NOTHING like what we witnessed. I’ve been wrong before, but games are not what they use to be. It’s money over art these days.

Stanjara116d ago

Maybe in 2027 we will get a gameplay trailer with a delay notice to 2028 fall.

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Phantom Blade Zero Demo Announced for 2024

Director of Phantom Blade zero confirms a 30 minutes playable demo of the project will be available on 2024!

ravens5252d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Nice!, hopefully early 2024.


I’d prefer a quicker launch, but feel free to accomplish both 🥰

raWfodog52d ago

Not always the case, but usually a demo is a sign of confidence from the devs that players will like the game.

blackblades52d ago

Well its not there 1st game and shows the game isn't years away.

Rikimaru-0051d ago

now that's what i'm talking about. really looking forward to this game.


Phantom Blade Zero Q&A - Dev Says Bosses are the Game's Highlights, Confirms Ray Tracing & PS5 Specs

We interviewed S-Game founder and CEO Soulframe Liang to learn all about the impressive Chinese Soulslike game Phantom Blade Zero.

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Lightning7755d ago

Please, please let this be a 2024 game. I need this in my life.

54d ago

It’s great to finally be able to play games made in China. No gamer wants to be isolated from such a vast pool of talent and creativity. It should be interesting to experience Chinese culture through a game for the first time.

The game obviously looks breathtaking, cannot wait to play, S-Game!


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