The PlayStation Showcase Was Disappointing,But Fans Need To Make Their Peace With Longer Dev. Cycles

GB: "Sony’s latest PlayStation Showcase was disappointing."

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KingKionic 116d ago

After 18 months Sony gave playstation fans a state of play instead of a showcase.

But whats really bizarre is...there is only one AAA first party title with a actual release window. Spiderman 2 and that has no firm release date.

Most playstation fans have yet to really take that in. But to put it plainly there wont be any AAA titles till they announce it at there next showcase which will no doubt be next year around the same may-june timeframe.

Deep stuff... shows ya how a day can change everything.

Magog116d ago

Are you trying to say that's worse than all the games Xbox gives a release date to and then pushes them back a year?

KingKionic 116d ago

Definitely. For sony it begs the question what happen for 2 years. Naughty Dog Statements with Last of Us factions says it all.

Sony is literally now in a transition phase. There will be a insane gap in playstation studios titles AAA portfolio.

We got a damn Gran Turismo movie trailer at the show for instead of a game.

Magog116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Insane gap? I can guarantee you they will have plenty of games next year like they have plenty for this year. They just don't want to steal their own hype.

oIMyersIo116d ago

Why mention Xbox on a PS article?
This is the problem with some PS fans, they justify disappointment by deflecting to Microsoft every time.

--Onilink--116d ago

Its not like Sony isnt know for doing exactly that, almost every major exclusive during the ps4 era was delayed. We had like 3 separate E3s with the same exclusives showing up because of how early they were announced or because they got delays.

There is nothing wrong with delaying a game.

Having said that, what does Xbox have to do with anything he said? Its perfectly possible to have a discussion about good and bad things a company does and still only talk about said company.

A good or bad Sony showcase is irrelevant to someone that only has an Xbox. And whether Xbox does worse or better is just as irrelevant to someone playing on a PS5

115d ago
KillaJamm115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Bro you are such a fan boy it's unreal lol every post is you deflecting "xbox this, xbox that", believe it or not you can actually enjoy more than one console it's not illegal. You act like a bloody sports fan supporting your 'team' it's hilarious.

InUrFoxHole115d ago

Uhhh. He's just stating the facts man. You seem to be deflecting that.

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fr0sty116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I mean, they could have overhyped unfinished xhooter games and then rushed them ou the door at 30fps...

--Onilink--116d ago

I wouldnt really say Redfall was overhyped in any meaningful way (other than Arkane fans having high expectations because of the dev itself)

If anything, the game wasnt exactly marketed very much (or well), and given the state of the final release, its not that hard to figure out why haha

Reddrover21u116d ago

I like how you made sure to use Sony's first party studio in your comment to ignore the rest of the games coming exclusively and console exclusivelyto PlayStation the next few months.

FF 16
Baldur's Gate 3 (Xbox fans were real hot this isn't coming to their console any time soon)
Spider-Man 2

I find it funny a lot of Xbots are concerned when one of their exclusive reviewed miserablely and they have their hopes and prayers and Starfield actually running at 60 fps.

Until Sony pulls an Xbox and go a whole year with giving their customers nothing but AA indies, nothing has changed.

RaiderNation116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Also Helldivers 2 and Stellar Blade.

sparky77116d ago

Agreed at this rate 2024 will be just GaaS, the Playstation of today is a stark difference from the past.

Extermin8or3_116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Wolverine? Just to put it out there also ND are working on not one but two single-layer titles. Ff7 rebirth is clearly going to end up hitting in first half of 2024... plus we'll et the multiplayer fps concord and presumeably fairgames. Sony are committed to 2 major AAA singleplayer titles a year in addition to their live service games based on their investor call from last week.

Lightning77115d ago

"but in FY25, Sony expects that ratio to flip to 40 / 60. (During the presentation, PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst said that Sony currently has 12 live service games in production"

Accorsing to PS fans they "speak up" for things they don't like. So speak up for less live service. Because come 2025 there's gonna be a ton of them.

Weallgame114d ago

Yall silly ash we never get more then 2 3 4 triple a first party games in a year and its no different here, just more gloom and doom smh on the industry leader, dk what to tell ya other then its same sony as it was 2 decades ago

Extermin8or3_116d ago

Prior to last year (and all reports indicate its beacuase of the ABK acquisition regulatory scrutiny and MS trying to use sonys exclusives they invested in- to justify the acquisition) Sony typically had 2 or 3 showcases a year, firstly. Secondly Sony have in the last few years avoided putting dates on games till just a handful of months before when they can ve certain wthey won't have to delay the game. So really no spiderman date isn't an issue. No wolverine date also isn't an issue.

Lightning77115d ago

There's always SGF. Rumor is Silent Hill 2 Remake will hey shown off soon. I suspect Death Stranding 2 and whatever else Sony didn't announce will be at SGF as well.

KingKionic 115d ago

Both gotta be timed exclusives. I dont believe for a second Death Stranding is 100 percent exclusive either because the last one was on xbox.

I dont see how Konami would allow SH 2 Remake only on ps5 beyond a year. Thats a game that would have to compete directly with resident evil remakes which are on other platforms.

mkis007115d ago


Death stranding has never released on xbox...

HardeepTheGuru115d ago

And to boot they have several live-service games planned...which may not all pan out. If Xbox decides to go for broke with lots of announcements during the summer, I wouldn't be surprised.

Weallgame114d ago

Xbox has to launch though just announcinh a game for it to be poop and or delayed a year doesnt exactly mean much anymore

shinoff2183115d ago

The thing though talk about sonys first party all you want. Sony has delivered time and time again. We on ps never had a wait for e3 moment especially not a dozen of those moments. I can give Sony the benefit of the doubt if it's a down year. At the same time there's still awesome sh coming to ps. Legend of heroes. I believe 2 more this year, trinity trigger just came out. Some are available for switch but can you guess where I can play these awesome jrpgs. Yep you guessed it. Xbox

Again Sony might have a bad year but they've always delivered. Xbox has starfield and yet another forza game(racing doesn't interest me at all) starfield is definitely interesting to me. So xbox gamers are talking sh cause they happen to have one game more then sony coming from first party lol. What about all the other years

seanpitt23115d ago

With more Devs using UE5 engine it might make thngs easier and cut some dev time out!

anast115d ago

They should follow the Xbox formula show a broken game and release it broken...Another stupid take.

enkiduxiv115d ago

I have to agree that there is some cause for concern. ND used some of its staff on a pretty but unnecessary remake, and some of its staff has been working on a multiplayer Last of Us game that seems to be in development purgatory.

Filling the show with Live Service teaser trailers and movie previews does not look good. The ps5 has enjoyed a great launch and has had some excellent first party titles so far, but most of these releases up to SpiderMan 2 were probably set into motion during the Shawn Layden era.

I can’t say that I have liked anything that Jim Ryan has said or done up to this point, and I am afraid that we are finally starting to see consequences of that change.

Hopefully, after a few Live Service busts, the parent company will boot him out the door. I was thinking that Redfall finally put some pressure on Phil’s job. We need a come to Jesus moment for Jim as well.

DarXyde115d ago (Edited 115d ago )


I feel pretty sure this was a new studio update/GaaS stuff. This is them showing up some multiplayer stuff and some big games doing this year.

I'm expecting a proper showcase in September/October.

Good news is that this presentation was Sony's worst in quite some time and they're pretty good about shaping up quickly. So... Take the hint, Sony. You're GaaS stuff isn't too well received.

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Yi-Long116d ago

It feels like all these studios are gambling on scoring big with huge hits of epic proportions, so they’re going for 5+ years of development on huge budgets with hundreds, if not thousands, of folks working on that 1 big project …

… and occasionally that does happen, so they release something truly special, and it’s a big critical and commercial hit.

At least as often, they made that huge investment, then they release it, and it just falls flat, or worse, it tanks. And all those years of money and hard work are gone. Wasted.

I really long back for the simpler times, where devs just went out to deliver a good/nice 15-20 SP game, and that was it. You release it, it’s good and popular, or perhaps it isn’t, but regardless, the devs then simply move on to whatever next project they feel excited about …

NotoriousWhiz116d ago

And there's where indies come in. To fill the void left by these big publishers producing these AAA experiences. Indies continue to produce good one and done single player experiences that are very reminiscent of the simpler times.

Yi-Long116d ago

Yeah, agreed, and that’s what’s been keeping me excited the past few years. Smaller devs/indies have been jumping on some genres which have been pretty much abandoned by the big studios.