With Elder Scrolls 6 nowhere to be seen, Dragon's Dogma 2 can't come fast enough

By Henry St Leger: Dragon's Dogma 2 looks like the next sword-and-sorcery game worth checking out.

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Sonyslave3128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Does Diablo count as a sword and sorcery game ? And it comes out on 6th of June 🤩

jznrpg128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Dragons Dogma is very different form Elder Scrolls imo. Hyped for DD2.

Elder Scrolls has been downhill since Morrowind.

Morrowind had a great story and better systems than the 2 games after it . The main story and gameplay systems are lesser each release for Elder Scrolls but the graphics get a little better.

Magog128d ago

Pretty sure FF16 will be more spectacular than either of them.

sadraiden127d ago

Apples and oranges my friend.

Magog126d ago

They're all action RPGs. Not so much.

Obscure_Observer127d ago

Avowed will be out before TES VI and I´m sure that game is gonna be amazing!

Imalwaysright127d ago

Obsidian games usually end up being good or amazing.

anast126d ago

Avowed looks like it might be a decent entry.

Becuzisaid127d ago

No love for baldur's gate 3?

Michiel1989126d ago

it's the game I'm looking forward to the most this year, hard choise between FF16 and BG3, but the replayability of BG3 kinda shifts me that way.

anast126d ago

I am waiting for it to come to console.

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