Former DICE Dev States Battlefield 2042 "Never Stood Much a Chance at Being Great" at Launch

One former DICE dev says that Battlefield 2042 "never stood much of a chance" at being great at launch, but proud he pushed for crossplay.

porkChop123d ago

So despite the game essentially restarting development or pivoting direction "many" times it never got pushed back much.

1) That obviously looks bad for EA because they clearly were fine pushing out an unfinished game. They've done this many times and then apologized later. Case in point, every Battlefield launch since BF4. I think even BF3 wasn't perfect at launch but it's hard to remember.

2) That's just as bad for DICE. This isn't the first time this has happened. Yet DICE always bites off more than they can realistically chew in the time given. If you have to go through that many iterations even though you know you're running out of time it's a clear indication that DICE needs new management. I think DICE essentially needs to be restarted. Get rid of the decision makers, trim the fat, and get them back to basics. Make another smaller game like BF 1943 and use that as a stepping stone.

oof46122d ago

Bf3 was one of those "coming in hot" games. It had it's share of bugs and glitches, but it was still a very fun game for the Bf community.

Gardenia123d ago

Gaming has become to big for it's own good. Too many times it happens that the wrong people at game companies make the decisions because making big money is the only thing that matters to them. The developers knew that the direction Battlefield went was wrong but they didn't listen to them.
This happens with so many AAA games today, especially the multiplayer games.

excaliburps123d ago

It's because suits ultimately make the last call and even if they aren't ready, the game gets pushed out still. This is to ensure financial reports are good, stockholders are happy etc.

Knushwood Butt122d ago

The suits haven't got a clue what happens on the ground.
They are almost always only interested in ticking a box.

chobit_A5HL3Y123d ago

key word in all these cases is, "former". good devs almost always continue to be good when they're independent. it's when bigger companies buy them for their name is when it starts to go downhill. working conditions and standards start to suffer because of forced deadlines, and before you know it, you have pretty much every dev purchase by ea and ms. i get being greedy and wanting money, but you really have to wonder which jack-off at the top thinks that rushing games and sacrificing reputation for POTENTIAL short-term gains is a good idea.

just imagine the cash cow ea would potentially have now had they let bioware work, unimpeded, on anthem. they could have been milking that game for 10 years, across 2 generations, and then still have people interested and waiting for a sequel. instead, they tarnished bw's already fleeting reputation, as well as a perfectly good franchise. literally billions of dollars because some douche bag at the top doesn't actually play or understand videogames and is making all the wrong important decisions. not to mention that piss-drinking, puppet-looking-ass andrew wilson. don't even get me started on that clown.

justsomeoffdude123d ago

suits aren't known for their ability to see long term goals, they only care about quarterly financials

Stanjara123d ago

But now for a $100 dollars is?

CrimzonRaven122d ago

New gaming crash incoming like the one that happened in the 80s? or was it the 70s?

Chocoburger122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

The crash happened in the USA console market (not arcades) back in 1983 because the games were so simple and boring back then, with very limited replay value. It's easy to understand why people lost interest in home consoles that had such basic games, and controllers with a single button on them.

Modern hardware from Sony, Nintendo, Nvidia, and mobile phones won't stop selling any time soon. And quality games also won't stop selling either. Tears of the Kingdom setting new records, and we know Spider-Man 2 will as well. No chance for a crash.

What we need is for the casual market to turn their backs on the shit publishers like EA / Ubisoft / Activision and financially cripple them.

CrimzonRaven121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Well said and i agree that the casual market need to turn against EA and the other major gaming companies.

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Leeroyw42d ago

But it has two x'es.... Reduxx. See? It's not only a redux, but it has dlc.... Which is an extra x.

X sold separately.

-Foxtrot43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I'mma do my own thing

Omnisonne42d ago

Yeah.. more like ''Announcing BF2042: Give us another chance.. but for full price''

oIMyersIo43d ago

Yeah I'm done with this one.
Every year since BF1 I said it would be the last one I buy at launch, but 2042 really sealed the deal for me. Absolutely garbage fire.

crazyCoconuts43d ago

I just played last week. It feels solid to be now and it's a lot of fun

zachyBROosevelt42d ago

People will disagree because that’s the thing to to but totally agree with you… competent bf game now. Not the BEST but, competent

isarai42d ago


Nope, I disagree because I disagree. Gave it a try when it went free on PS+. Competent game? Sure, but NOT a competent BF game. It feels like a decent mobile ripoff of BF. Which is to say, soulless and cheap. BF Heroes played better than this garbage and I have no nope for the series going forward.

crazyCoconuts42d ago

Decent mobile ripoff? It's got bigger maps, the best graphics so far and even includes the older games in Portal. I mean, it's not perfect, but it's still Battlefield. Also, fwiw, it's the only cross platform shooter that doesn't have goofy superheroes running around and crap like that. It tries to feel somewhat authentic

outsider162442d ago

I loved bf3. That's my last bf game. Im currently downloading this new one since it's free. What's so bad about it? Haven't they fixed all the launch issues?