Battle Royale JRPG Dragon Quest Champions Opens Pre-registration in Japan With New Trailers

Today has been a big day for Dragon Quest, and more news comes from the mobile front with the opening of pre-registration for Dragon Quest Champions.

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Dragon Quest Champions Gets a Ton of Videos Showing Battle Royale JRPG Mechanics & More

Today Square Enix released a large bunch of gameplay videos dedicated to showcasing the features of the mobile game Dragon Quest Champions.

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Dragon Quest Champions Announced by Square Enix

Today, during a livestreamed presentation from Tokyo, Japan, Square Enix announced a brand new Dragon Quest mobile game titled Dragon Quest Champions.

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andy85252d ago

Go away with the mobile games. I want info on DQ12 and DQ 3 HD-2D

shinoff2183252d ago

I cant say f yea loud enough. Idk what their issue is. Give us a translated 10 offline

sadraiden252d ago

All of these mobile games are such a flash in the pan, it's a wonder any of them return a profit. Didn't SE just shut down their FF7 mobile game? Surely they're not just shitting out these mobile games because it doesn't take a lot of effort right?

AirRevenant252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

My wife and I are anxiously awaiting DQ Builders 3. SE has no idea what a profit center is. I can't believe they sold off the IPs they did.

shinoff2183252d ago

I wish they'd concentrate on consoles. Jeez

TheColbertinator252d ago

Square Enix sending off another mobile game to die