PlayStation's First Wave of Live Service Games Failed to Impress

Between cancellations, exposés, and disappointing debut trailers, the first wave of live service games by PlayStation failed to impress.

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Jin_Sakai120d ago

The only thing I’m excited for is Marathon.

purple101120d ago

The heist game they opened with looked good tho... Let's be honest.

-Foxtrot120d ago

It really, really didn’t

It looked generic as f*** and it was only a CGI trailer

Nitrowolf2119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

"looked good"

It was entirely CGI. Anything and everything can look good if it's CGI

Not to mention it has a PayDay ripoff vibe only with heroes

CrimsonWing69119d ago

For discussion’s sake, what looked good about it? The CGI in the trailer?

fr0sty119d ago

Judging games based on a bunch of CGI trailers... lol

FinalFantasyFanatic119d ago

It all looked lack luster, the only thing I might try Foam Stars, only because I kinda like Splatoon, but I'm not holding my breath for it.

The Heist game looked pretty generic and we only got a cgi trailer, there was nothing appealing about that.

purple101118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Well I thought it looked good if I'm in the minority with that then fair play.

I suppose the reason for me would be I like playing 'new' types of games and having not played a game that similar before, it would be a new experience for me even if not an entirely new concept as a whole.

Also looks colourful which I like. I'm 36 years old and for many many years, shooting games have had a dark grey or brown muddy wash over them, it's only just recently more colorful shooters have appeared. Ie overwatch and similar. Even the new call of duty starting from 2019 have become more colorful.

Also looks to be element of climbing some sort of Parkour adventure style platforming that may just be for the trailers though.

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Obscure_Observer119d ago

"The only thing I’m excited for is Marathon."

Well, apparently Sony hit the jackpot with Bungie.

Marathon´s CGI trailer managed to get more views in 24 hours than the gameplay reveal trailer for Spider-Man 2! O.o

119d ago
mocaak119d ago


Of course he can't, Marathon is sitting at 370k on PS channel, while SM2 is at over 7m, and at over 9m on Marvel. Just the usual spread of misinformation from team Phil.

tay8701119d ago


He's not wrong, marathon got an insane number of views in 24 hrs. It barely edged out Spiderman 2
Although that shouldn't be a surprise as the game trailer for Spiderman 2 is over 10 mins and marathon is just a teaser trailer.


mocaak119d ago

Actually I was wrong, there is a seperate channel of Marathon, and there it has 18m+ views.

119d ago
AmUnRa119d ago

O.O. Stop talking out of your ass, stay of twitter and xboxcentric sites and do some real research on internet before telling lies.....

Sonic1881119d ago

I wouldn't say they hit the jackpot yet. Bungie only made one great game

Jin_Sakai119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

People need to take a look before spreading misinformation. It’s currently sitting at 18 million views not counting the PlayStation uploaded trailer.


DashMad119d ago

That because marathon has Youtube ads, youtube count ads for views just see the likes counter it only has 6.9k likes for 18m views lol compare that to spiderman 2 with 370k likes. it can only mean it's either an ads, bot or actually getting dislike bombed but we can't see that because youtube hide dislike view.

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Sonic1881119d ago

Marathon is going to fail too. Sony just don't know it yet

chadwarden119d ago

but apparently you know better

Lightning77119d ago

Marathon has been teased since Halo 3. Bungie has been wanting to make this game for over 20 years now. This game is pretty much in their DNA.

It's a passion project so I have a hard time seeing the game being a flop.

FinalFantasyFanatic119d ago

Maybe, alot of these Live Service games will die, and I suspect they'll go down early in their life span.

CBaoth119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

honestly, the only thing I took from the article; I completely forgot about Deviation Games. Made up of former Treyarch vets, they signed with Sony back in 2021 to develop an exclusive IP. Wonder what military shooter they got up their sleeves? A man can dream for Socom! Got a nice company website but obviously no deets on the game.

Seems everyone gets their knickers in knots over Sony doing a lot of GaaS titles but I've noticed a lot of these games are being made with upstarts and not Sony's premier studios with the exception of Bungie. Most of the criticisms stem from CGI trailers with zero gameplay. I'll wait and reserve judgement till I see more. I'd play a more polished version of Payday 2 with mates since I have no faith in Starbreeze

FinalFantasyFanatic119d ago

Socom might be fun, or if they somehow revive MAG.

porkChop119d ago

Why? It's not really Marathon. It's a live service extraction shooter.

Sonic1881119d ago

That's why it's going to fail

neutralgamer1992119d ago

How did we come to this conclusion when we barely saw any gameplay from Sony. So now we are going based on reveal of logos or CGI

Bobertt119d ago

The music and art style was cool but the trailer didn't give us gameplay to get excited over. I hear it's also an extraction shooter which can be hit or miss.

StormSnooper119d ago

Marathon did look sick.

On another note, what other live service did they announce? and how does this author know that they failed? Its not like they released anything yet.

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-Foxtrot120d ago

They just look so generic, I don’t see any first party Sony magic in any of them

The thing is if hypothetically they under perform then Sony will rethink its entire strategy

The game I think they are hoping to impress the most is Fairgame$ as they brought the studio right off the bat.

blackblades120d ago

Riiiiight how could you tell from a cinematic clip. They haven't showned gameplay of either or them or played.

-Foxtrot120d ago

Because some trailers you’ve seen before

They do these things and you can just sense what they are like.

The tone, the feel, the small gameplay details that they’ve shared and so on. We’ve seen it before, we can kind of form an impression of that.

It’s not hard

You learn from history

We’ve had so many game