Final Fantasy XVI preview - Hobby Consolas

Hobby Consolas: "And now yes, our impressions of Final Fantasy XVI end here . We're even more excited to continue playing than before, partly because of some of the questions this session has raised, but mainly because it's pure spectacle and we can't wait to see how the story goes. And there is nothing left: on June 22 Final Fantasy returns."

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Magog116d ago

This game is going to set a new bar for RPGs.

DarXyde116d ago


I think Persona 5 did an outstanding job of modernizing JRPGs.

Let's see how Final Fantasy XVI does. All signs point to it being a knockout, but I'm curious to see what we get

Flawlessmic116d ago

Persona 5 did and an outstanding job for sure.

Not so much in modernising the RPG format though, it was typical turn based combat.

On topic though ff16 l9oks bloody amazing, can't wait to get my hands on it.


Final Fantasy XVI Sales "In Line With Expectations;" Square Enix Wants to Upgrade IPs to AAA Status

Square Enix president Takashi Kiryu provided an official statement on Final Fantasy XVI's sales and mentioned interesting plans for smaller IPs.

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Moegooner1d 23h ago ShowReplies(1)
VersusDMC1d 23h ago

We'll you'd think the announcement of DLC would have hinted at that. If the game did poorly they would have just moved on.

And if you bring up Forespoken DLC they sold a season pass at launch and had to do it.

Abriael1d 23h ago

That article should have never been approved to begin with, since stock market "news" is invalid on N4G.
It's also based on the literal fake news alleging that Kiryu-san said that FFXIV's sales disappointed.
I've been saying that was fake news for ages (the distortion was obvious like the sun), and today we got the receipts. Unfortunately, the many sites that ran away with that narrative without doing a shred of research will get away with it because they always do.

Harkins17211d 23h ago

Wait for that Takashi Mochizuki spin!

VersusDMC1d 23h ago


I wonder what small IP they have in mind. I would love a Parasite Eve game that plays like the RERemakes and keeps the survival horror tone.

VersusDMC1d 18h ago

We just got divine force and second story R(demo is on psn by the way) out in nov.

But i would like to see a AAA star ocean that looks as good as FFXVI or FF7R.

shinoff21831d 1h ago

O yea. I got my star ocean 2 paid off, just playing the waiting game. I played 10 minutes of the demo and deleted it. Seen all I need to see.

Put about 250 plus hours into divine force. It would be dope as hell if a star ocean got the ff treatment.

DickyD12261d 19h ago

Give me more PE please! I never got to play "the third birthday" but I would love to see the series revamped.

VersusDMC1d 18h ago

Don't try the third birthday. It's as much Parasite eve as Dino crisis 3 is Dino Crisis.

The RE games sell well so i don't know why they won't make a PE game in the same style. Diversify their portfolio.

Scissorman1d 23h ago

This ongoing saga hurts my brain. The game sold 3 million at launch. Case closed. The game sold great.

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