Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sells faster than any Nintendo game in history

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has become the fastest-selling Nintendo game of all time.

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chrisx127d ago

Congrats to Nintendo. I will definitely get around to playing this eventually.

just_looken127d ago

i agree but the switch is also one of the most sold nintendio devices so toss a new game with alot of hype on a massive player base you should except alot of sales.

Zhipp126d ago

Faster than Pokemon, though? That's insane

potatoseal127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Why would it be a Guiness World record? No one else in the "world" is or can possibly get the award besides Nintendo. "The Fastest Ever Selling Nintendo Game". They are the only ones eligible. Isn't it just a Nintendo record?

Well done to TOTK by the way lol

Tapani127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Probably, because there are tens of thousands of Nintendo games made since 1975, and Tears of the Kingdom is the one that outsold all of them. Switch alone has nearly 5000 titles. Being the one and only is not a feat easily done.

mkis007127d ago

i mean it stands to reason video gaming is becoming more popular over time not less.

merlox126d ago

Nintendo has been around since 1889. They've been making games since then. They were making card games since they started. Didn't start making video games until the late 1970's. So they are older than you think. They are still making card games today.

roadkillers127d ago

I'm sure there are records in Guiness for tens if dozens of other publisher/developers... but Nintendo is so iconic they include them. When I was younger, I would buy the Guiness books. I actually thought that the book included all the records... Not possible, they just include what sells (or in this case gets the most click).

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Outlawzz126d ago

i wouldnt worry too much about how genuine a Guiness world record is. they have some of the most ridiculous awards tbh lol

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Flawlessmic127d ago

Nicely done and well deserved!!

Literally finished it a few hrs ago after a good 90-100hrs and for the most part it's as good as the reviews said it is, although not as perfect as they have made it out to be.

Bosses, temples, the depths and the home stretch of the game weren't great, kinda soured my experience with it.

Hated the depths and the stupid gloom, ends on a very high note, I'll say so I'm grateful cause the last few hrs up to that moment wasn't great.

This game will break a few more records Nintendo I imagine.

126d ago
ZeekQuattro127d ago

I can't put the game down. Very well deserved. On to the next record for TOTK.

Good-Smurf127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Sad that this kind of success meant that the team can only go open world for the sequel.
As Nintendo just won't allow any other way.
Hope they can balance this out next time but I doubt it, maybe outside dev took a chance at classic style hub world Zelda game instead but the main team stuck doing open world Zelda.

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Zhipp126d ago

Knowing Nintendo I doubt this will be the case.

Nebaku126d ago

Even in the "worst" case scenario where this is true,

They're consistently making traditional top down zeldas like Link Between Worlds, Links Awakening DX, Tri Force Heroes, etc.

Outlawzz126d ago

if the devs think a game would be better in a more linear fashion, trust me it will be done. nintendo pay attention to the intended vision including whether its best played open world, linear, top down, etc. Zelda always sells well in either case and zelda has a history of different play styles and formulas so i wouldnt be too worried

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