KOTOR Remake Is Still In Development Despite Rumors Of Cancelation

KOTOR Remake is still in development, destroying the rumors that suggested towards its cancelation. Release date is currently not known.

meanmallard130d ago

This is typical.

The developers said that when the first project was canceled which was a simple port of the game the new project was using an internal team and was going to be much larger in scope.

Again the whole rumor was spread by people who only read the negative articles or simply ignored what had been said and didn't read or report what Embracer actually said about the game at the time.

Becuzisaid130d ago

I think people are just dumb and don't know what the word indefinite means. Doesn't mean it will never come out people.

SullysCigar130d ago

Lots of negative rumours around at the moment, trying to stir crap up. Same few suspects pushing them, without repercussions. Great to hear KOTOR is still on it's way, though, as Tales From the Galaxy's Edge has me hooked on Star Wars again!

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CrimsonWing69130d ago

I’ll believe it when I see it.


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Snookies125d ago

R.I.P.? So sad, if it's actually getting cancelled after switching developers... This has always been one of my most wanted remakes in all of gaming. Been wanting a remake for Knights of the Old Republic for so damn long.

CobraKai5d ago

I read somewhere it was due to music licensing but I honestly feel it’s more than that. Things aren’t looking good with the devs switching and now this.

Hopefully they surprise us all and deliver a new trailer but i will be disappointed if a remake to one of the greatest SW games of all time gets canned.

Obscure_Observer5d ago


"I read somewhere it was due to music licensing but I honestly feel it’s more than that."

Right after Ryan´s sudden retirement announcement.

ApocalypseShadow5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Obscure. Your comment is ridiculous. But what else is new.

Was Sony making it? No. Tell the truth for once. Jim is 63 years old. The interesting part is that Sony has changed CEOs multiple times and still whooped Microsoft's ass. When should he retire? Go play Star Field.

ZeekQuattro5d ago

Apparently a lot has changed in the last 124 days since the its not dead yet piece. Oh well guess I'll be seeing a Matt McMuscles Wha Happun video on this game sooner rather than later.

sparky775d ago

It's for the best it would have failed anyway without the original team.

I do wonder how many millions Sony wasted on this.

rbailey5d ago

I guess the force wasn't strong with this one lol