Over 21 Million People Prefer Petting Dogs Over Cats In Ghostwire: Tokyo

According to some player statistics from Tango Gameworks, more people prefer petting dogs over cats in Ghostwrite: Tokyo.

potatoseal128d ago

LOL. I'm team dog all the way, so I'm not surprised. Dogs are better, come at me!!!

just_looken128d ago

You should find vids it purs and barks

If humans are doing it why not animals?

VivaChe128d ago

There’s more opportunity to pet dogs in the game. And they give you better rewards.

potatoseal128d ago

Excuses. We know you're a bitter cat sniffer

Lionsguard127d ago

I'd sniff a cat any day of the week over a smelly dog.

jznrpg127d ago

I’ll sniff a pussy - cat , pass on dogs

Snookies12128d ago

I love how the two comments above both have animal pictures for this, haha... Cats are cool and all, but I just can't vibe with the claws and the scratching.

MrNinosan128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

And NO, over 21 million people haven't even played the game.

Elda128d ago

With the game being on PS+ & Gamepass including folks that have purchased the game on consoles & PC it's a strong possibility.

EvertonFC128d ago

You clearly haven't, or you would understand the 21m

roadkillers127d ago

I played the game for a couple of hours and I dont get it. I dont remember any cats/dogs.

MrNinosan125d ago

Oh sure I have. Got the Platinum over a year ago.
The "21 million people" however, is most likely not people, but the amount of total times a dog has been pet.

Just like the amazing MS stats with bullets fired in any given GamePass shooter etc.

I'm 110% certain, 21 million different people didn't play Ghostwire Tokyo, even thou it's been "free" on both PS+ and GP.

DeusFever127d ago

This right here. Even with Game Pass and PS+, Ghostwire Tokyo did not somehow become more popular than God of War and Halo and entire the tier of Call of Duty numbers.

Daeloki127d ago

I'm not surprised it's over 21M, the game seemed fun and somewhat unique. I waited for a sale before getting it though, and I have a feeling most of those 21M had the same experience as me: played for a few hours only to realize how repetitive the game gets and then forgot about it.

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Elda128d ago

LOL! Cats are usually shady. Dogs are more friendly.

Ninver128d ago

Cats are assholes, one minute their cool, next minutes their clawing at your face

HollowIchigo25128d ago

cats have personalities, pride and aren't submissive. dogs are just animal slaves. Not hard to guess which one humans prefer.

Knushwood Butt127d ago

I've lived with cats pretty much all my life and they never scratch you violently unless they are defending themselves.
If play-fighting, then yes, prepare to get scratched.

FinalFantasyFanatic127d ago

I've had both animals and vastly prefer dogs, cats can be a bit too unpredictable for me.