Why Is PlayStation Making A Wii U?

Project Q is a weird device that feels like it’s arrived at the wrong time in the wrong place, for the wrong company

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just_looken129d ago

"Project Q uses PlayStation’s Remote Play system to connect to your PS5,"

Exactly psp ps vita always lead the way with new tech be it those umd movies/games or the oled screen that after 6yrs nintendio is using.

But here they are showing off something my psp/psp 2000/ps vita and my phone for over 7yrs can do.

I can also grab a amazon phone/controller holder and get this experience right now.

Xbox through there app can do this
Sony through there app can do this

ps4 controller phone holder

xbox phone controller holder

Another ewaist device added to the large pile that has been growing from all compaines

Snookies12129d ago

Yeah, this thing makes no sense whatsoever... I want the next evolution of the Vita. Not some BS you have to stream over WiFi. I'm not like a lot of complainers on the showcase. I thought it was pretty dang good overall. But this "handheld" just felt like some side thought by Sony.

just_looken129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

With amd all in the consoles i thought we would get there mobile chipset.

A unix handheld using the os from ps4/ps5 with there mobile amd chips/ laptop gpu would have been way better.

6700m gpu

5700U cpu

Just the cpu so dedicated gpu with cpu and some ram ddr4

Screen from the vita days oled but 1440p 75hz

Its all old tech now as a new line is coming out but buy bulk i can see and amazing $500-$600 ish dollar handheld.

blackblades129d ago

If that happens the games will be spread thin with ps5/vr2/vita2. This isnt need cause of the steam deck and phone+backbone but vita 2 is also not needed. Also article is lame

andy85126d ago

To be fair you don't have to be in your house or use WiFi to play your PS5. It's not as bad as peoppe are saying depending on the price

derek127d ago

Some people don't want to play games using their phones i find that idea highly objectionable. A dedicated device I could use to play ps5 games remotely around the house may work for some. You guys over think things.

just_looken127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Then grab a old cellphone from the past 6yrs use remote play on that there dirt cheap or a psp or a ps vita both cheap.

Or a cheap tablet you can get via a points card

The remote play tech is older than alot of playstation gamers now

Lore127d ago

Don’t understand why they don’t allow for it to play your digital library straight from the device though, similar to the steamdeck. Very odd choice

EvertonFC126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Exactly, I tried valiants heart off Netflix games on my phone and a game called Motorcross 3 the other day and after 5 mins my phone felt like it was gonna melt it was that hot plus the battery lost about 15% in 5/10 mins.
I was like fu*k that

GotGame818126d ago

You don't have to use a phone. You can use a tablet. Bigger screen.

yeahokwhatever126d ago

bingo. i literally only bought a switch so i could game while the tv is in use or in various locales in my house. this thing fixes it, AND i dont have to play horrible switch games.

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jznrpg126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

The problem with those old devices is they have old Wifi chips and lag a lot. A much better WiFi chip which I would assume this has the best available as a dedicated WiFi device and that will be a huge difference

SonyStyled126d ago

That’s a good point and probably a primary reason for a new device. Still it’s hard to see the necessity to purchase another device. During the ps4 they started advertising the vita as a remote play device, now moving to tablets, phones, laptops. I don’t see how this new device ‘fits’ into what’s already available, but who knows 🤷‍♂️

Magog128d ago


I literally called it. Makes sense as long as you can use it on any WiFi.

--Onilink--127d ago

I cant even begin to imagine the kind of latency you would get if it were fully remote.

Cloud gaming is already latency bound when connecting to multi million dollar data centers with dedicated hardware, software and networking.
Imagine how that would play out when you are connecting instead to your PS5 that is on your home wifi and through all the ISP hops in between (not just for download, but upload too).

It is absolutely not doable as a device that works outside the same network (even in the same network, remote play isnt that good right now)

just_looken127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Do not imagine go downtown on a wifi with your phone use the app try it.

I remote played downtown via my psps to my ps3 years ago great for message checking/chat rooms

Back in those days there were cell phone version for sim cards

Perhaps sony will launch a atrack player with red audio jack for $400 next lol

GotGame818126d ago

Remote play works much better than it did a few years ago. I have 500mps internet, and have 0 issues most of the time. Multi gig speeds are becoming common place now. Honestly remote play shouldn't have any noticeable lag at all with speed like that.

yeahokwhatever126d ago

I have a 6-8ms ping. I'm fine.

343_Guilty_Spark126d ago

CMA didn’t get that memo on cloud

Magog126d ago

Ping on 5G is actually damn good and any phone can be a hotspot.

andy85126d ago

I use it at work using mobile data with my PS5 at home and it's fine to be honest.

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343_Guilty_Spark126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

You called out a device that has like a 1% use case …congratulations.

Q is a misstep.

Magog126d ago

When Microsoft copies it for use with Xcloud you will be singing a different tune. 😂

343_Guilty_Spark126d ago


Why would they copy it when Xcloud is available on any mobile device including portable PCs?

Magog126d ago

Because dedicated hardware is better.

Kaii128d ago

one could say the technology already exists with the PS Vita
I'm only mentioning it because just_looken brought it up, but companies should be responsible for the amount of ewaste they generate, we're missing more Info on this product but if its just simply an extension of what the PS vita did with remote play it's ridiculous.

"Strive for Innovation" Earbuds & this 🥴

Sonic1881128d ago

Because of Jim Ryan aka the new Don Mattrick

gold_drake127d ago

you do know that theres someone else above him, right ?