The Metal Gear Solid Master Collection might not be able to save MGS4

Alongside the long-awaited announcement of the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake - goofball trailer and all - Konami also announced a series of collections bringing back the old games in their original forms, and now the question is whether or not the developers will have the resources to save Metal Gear Solid 4.

just_looken121d ago

everyone is going on about mgs but no one is talking about twinn snakes on gamecube :(

Twin snakes and mgs4 are lost on there consoles

Flawlessmic120d ago

Twin snakes should definitely be part of the collection and will be a damm shame if it's not a part of volume 2!! I bought a gamecube just for that game!!!

Mgs 4 will be part of volume 2 for sure.

It's not like other ps3 games haven't been ported and remastered before so we will get it but in volume 2.

just_looken120d ago

yes other ps3 games got ported/remastered but twin snakes has been on gamecube for years so i wonder if there is a deal for mgs4 to be ps4 exclusive like nintendio twin snakes deal.

So it may be up to sony not konami to get mgs4 off of ps3.

No proof just that this is one of many mgs collections but we never got twin snakes so it might be the same situation.

Flawlessmic120d ago

Twin snakes being included in either volume is wishful thinking on both our parts but I would love for that to be the case.

I am absolutely certain mgs 4 will be in volume 2 otherwise what is even the point of the second volume.

But you are right I forgot that mgs collection is available on xbox aswell so that does throw a spanner in the works for mgs 4 and its exclusive status. I see no reason why ps users should suffer though atleast give them mgs 4

Mr_Writer85120d ago

I wonder if MGS Delta is a success than MGS will be next up for the remake train.

JokerBoy129120d ago

@Flawlessmic apart from MGS4, I dont even know what there is to put on a Vol. 2 other than Portable Ops and Peace Walker. However I guess they could put the Acid games in there too maybe... Would enough people nowadays really want that collection of PSP games though and would Konami even bother making it? I would buy it day one but I feel like most people don't really care about MGS and would rather spend more money on Fortnite skins.

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kaos89120d ago

Nintendo will hold Twin Snakes hostage just like it did with Goldeneye.

JokerBoy129120d ago

The issue with Twin Snakes is that the only company that has rights to it no longer exists. Silicon Knights is gone and last I heard no one in the industry really knows who technically even can claim the rights to it anymore. Even if Nintendo did and let the game go multiplatform there were a bunch on Nintendo assets in the game itself. So someone would have to go in and delete all those assets. I'm not even sure if that's possible or if the source code even exists anymore. Konami would have a nightmare with all that and they'd probably be better off just remaking the game altogether.

FallenAngel1984120d ago

Twin Snakes has about as high a chance at getting rereleased as MGS3 3D

SWER4324117d ago

Twins Snake is trash, and is a bad remake of the first one, they should start from MGS1,not from Twins snake

just_looken117d ago

The fan remake of mgs1 was awesome they had it finished up til the raven fight before konami pulled the plug :(.

Twin snakes on its own i think was decent but as a series whole yeah not top shelf material.

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Magog120d ago

In a lot of ways 4 was the best one.Its the only one I would play again.

neutralgamer1992120d ago

Twin snakes

I don’t think will be available in any collection. There must be too much work required & or both Sony and Nintendo have paid for development. In case of MGS4 I really think it needs too much work because kojima took advantage of cell processor and the amount of time and resources required just to make it playable won’t be worth it for Konami (Sony needs to step in and make it happen hopefully)

It’s truly sad that we don’t have MGS4 on any other platforms. I would even be happy with it being PS5 only as long as it’s playable on something other than a PS3(best would be that both MGS4 and twin snakes being available on all platforms that can run the games)

shinoff2183120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I still got my copy of mgs4 on disc. I feel bad for the people that had it digital only.

ocelot07120d ago

Why? What's wrong if you had it digitally only?

jeromeface120d ago

@ocelot07 you cant play digital copies in emulators

FallenAngel1984120d ago

Neither Sony or Nintendo funded those game’s development

Muigi120d ago

Emulators saved this game years ago lol.

Solitariussaint120d ago

Leave MGS4 on PS3, it's a true exclusive and that's a good thing.

porkChop120d ago

No that isn't a good thing. The game renders at 1024x768 and runs at anywhere from 20fps to 60fps depending on the area. It really needs a proper remaster to make the game shine like it was meant to.

BlaqMagiq1120d ago

Leaving a game on an outdated machine is a good thing? Your logic makes zero sense. This game NEEDS to come to modern platforms so it can be enjoyed in 4K/60fps.

Solitariussaint120d ago

No it doesn't. I'd rather they leave MGS4 in peace instead of Konami messing with it.

Shane Kim120d ago

It's been like 15 years. Everyone who wanted to play it has played it. Let it come remastered to a new generation of consoles.

shinoff2183120d ago

I don't understand how you believe its a good thing. Games shouldn't just up and disappear and never be available to players

Solitariussaint120d ago

MGS4 is still available on PS3, it hasn't disappeared.

BlaqMagiq1120d ago

And yet you didn't explain why it should be left on there so your logic still makes zero sense.

Solitariussaint120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

PS3 deserves its exclusive. Also logically speaking, without Hideo Kojima it won't be good, even a remaster won't be as good.

BlaqMagiq1120d ago

No one cares about the PS3 anymore. No one. And no a remaster doesn't need Kojima. The actual work on the game is already done. All it needs is a resolution and frame rate increase. Again your logic is continuing to make zero sense. You can disagree all you want but nothing you say makes any sense and that's a fact.