Xbox Has a Chance to Dominate The Summer Showcase Season.

After a lackluster showcase from Playstation, Xbox now has a chance to dominate the news during the summer showcase season.

When Sony announced their Playstation Showcase for May 24th, many fans thought it was a sign of confidence. Had they came out two weeks ahead of Xbox and put on a stellar show, Unreachable expectations would have been put on the Xbox Showcase. Now, Xbox are breathing a sigh of relief as they are poised to have the best showcase of the summer.

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Magog129d ago

They have one game which is just Fallout with a new coat of paint.

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DOMination-127d ago

When Fallout 3 came out, a lot of people said the same thing, it's just "Elder Scrolls with guns". It went on to be so successful, you're not using that very game instead of ES to judge their next game.

So lets wait and see the latest build of Starfield before trying to downplay it.

Magog127d ago

New Vegas was the only good fallout. Fallout 3 was elder scrolls with guns but an empty world with 1% of the npcs and the blandest world ever created.

CBaoth127d ago

F3 was only saved by its DLC. Main game was another hack job by Todd Howard. Copy/pasted Ken Rolston's ES work on another IP. Magog is right. New Vegas is SO much better than anything the Bethesda team has made. F4 even more generic and FO76 is abysmal. Installed it like 3 months ago on the serX - wiped it faster than Redfall off my hard drive. Can't wait for Obsidian's next game. Best acquisition this gen for MS.

anast127d ago

Successes is not a sign that something is quality. People spend billions on plastic sh$%.

DOMination-127d ago

Fallout 4 was one of the biggest games of last generation. For years before its reveal, there was so much hype around here and hope of announcements being teased that ultimately never came. If you guys were around then, I bet I could go through your history and find comments about you being hyped for it.

Although we don't have exact figures, we do know that FO4 sold more than Skyrim (which is at 30 million). And you guys probably all bought it. You certainly seem to have expert in-depth knowledge of it.

Fallout 3 has a metacritic score of 91. Fallour 4 is on 84. So I'd say it's both commercially and critically successful.

We all know you're only downplaying it because its no longer on PlayStation moving forwards. Frustrating I know, but lets not re-write history.

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chobit_A5HL3Y127d ago

the funny thing is all the disagrees with the original comment about starfield being fallout with a new coat of paint; it's true. 100% true. if you go back and watch that gameplay trailer it's blatantly clear lol the laser gun they find in the crate in sf is just a re-skinned laser rifle from fallout 4. the animations and even the way it fires is identical. not to mention those crab things at the beginning are 100% just rad scorpions with a new skin lol

i'm not saying sf is gonna be a bad game. it's probably gonna be pretty good, actually. but it's nothing new at all, and everyone better be prepared for a broken-ass launch and months, if not years of updates and fixes.

Tedakin127d ago

Sony had one game which is the third game in a series and looks exactly the same as those 2 other games. Swinging through New York again with QTEs.

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slate91128d ago

Man they've had this "chance" for nearly a decade now.

Lightning77127d ago

I was just thinking this. Every time Sony doesn't show up to a showcase, have a state of play or have a less than stellar show it's always "Xbox can dominate " then start listing all these games that can show up only for almost none of it to show up. Then Xbox shows are just ok, or good but never blows anyone outta the water like everyone hopes.

All those Xbox fans making their long list will get disappointed. I'm not saying it'll be bad show, but, again I've seen this all before. It will be a good show, maybe above average this year.

Yes we've seen this same song and dance year after year like clock work.

Again I'm not saying it's gonna be a bad show at all. Just temper your expectations.

darkrider128d ago

Dominate what... The desperation of somekind of victory... Lackluster? Just Spiderman trailer got 12.5 millions views in one day, starfield got 5 milion in one year.... All games combined from Microsoft show won't reach the number of people that watch Spiderman trailer....

There isn't a chance that Microsoft dominates... The number of people that they reach is very low.

ApocalypseShadow128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

It does make you wonder. Whatever games they show or videos they display, it all comes down to sales. If all the games they show are arriving on game pass, then what's the win? Getting more gamers on a monthly subscription?

Since game pass cannibalizes game sales coming from Microsoft's own mouth, and game pass PC cannibalizes Xbox console sales, increase in subscriptions is the only thing I can see. But even then, Sony still has more Plus subscribers. And that's just a Sony side hustle.

Sony would still have more games released since launch and high fidelity VR that lifts games like GT7 even more. Those that own both consoles would look at that other pretty racer and wish it was VR compatible and it won't be.

Or, maybe it's just finally getting good quality games after years of waiting. That could be a win I guess. No domination though.

sparky77128d ago

All I am going to say is there is a reason MS is a multi-trillion dollar company and Sony is not, sales are not the whole story :)

Christopher128d ago

@sparky77: Because one of them is an IT company that started at the explosion of PCs and the other is a hardware company that uses the other company's IT services to make their business happen and didn't get involved in said things? What logic are you going to throw at us next? Are you going to tell us the difference between Walmart and a line of small bakery shops?

jznrpg128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

@sparky77 MS games division has zero to do with with their trillion dollars .

RedDevils127d ago

Funny thing, the actual MS founder Bill Gate want to get rid of Xbox, it's the one reason why they loosing money out of all their assets.

Tedakin127d ago

Yes. "Getting more gamers on monthly subscription" is Microsoft's entire plan. That's not a secret.

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neutralgamer1992127d ago

Forget dominate I would be happy with some games that show gameplay and starfield to really shine. The last gameplay for starfield looked too bland and generic. We all need to stop setting high expectations

We still can’t let go of E3 moments but those won’t be happening like they use to and we need to accept that

Chevalier127d ago

"All I am going to say is there is a reason MS is a multi-trillion dollar company and Sony is not, sales are not the whole story"

Which has ZERO to do with Xbox. You know you absolutely fail in logic and your argument when you have to mention Microsoft. Lol. Sorry the parent company has some money, but, its NOT because of Xbox. In fact any other company would have been belly up decades ago.

gold_drake128d ago

i feel like they've had so many chances over a decade now.
ill watch it, but im positively sure its gonna be more GAMEPASS, stuff we dont care about and Starfield.

Chevalier127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Right? Xbox has had a couple good shows and they ALWAYS end up smoke and mirrors. Remember 2020 Xbox show? Pretty exciting right? Yet where are all those games announced in 2020? Oh right still in development. Plus their new show they are so desperate they're announcing games outside of 1 year of release because they literally have no choice.

Also remember all that hype with Redfall when it got announced? Showing something is one thing. Actually releasing a good game is something else completely different.

DOMination-127d ago

XGS and its publishing arm for partners have 42 games in development that we know about. We've even seen gameplay of quite of few them. There's no question that they have a decent pipeline. But the next month determines whether Xbox crashes and burns or try to at least have some semblance of relevance.

If they have another show full of promises and no release dates or even release windows, consumer confidence will an all time low and it'll be more bad PR I don't see how they could ever hope to recover.

Elda128d ago

I doubt it but we shall see.