EU Boss Comments On Microsoft-Activision Deal And PlayStation Outselling Xbox 4:1

The European Union has approved Microsoft's blockbuster $68.7 billion buyout of Activision Blizzard, and one of the key people involved in the decision, Margrethe Vestager, has now shed more light on the decision.

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Magog124d ago

If that's a reason to approve she doesn't get it. This isn't a move to dominate console sales it's a move to monopolize the streaming era a decade from now.

Chevalier124d ago

Absolutely idiotic reasoning. The ratios in sales were earned by Playstation. 10 years is not enough to necessarily launch real competition though. Case in point Xbox has had over 20 years on the market? Have they become competitent or competitive in that time?! NOPE.

Sitdown124d ago

I'm pretty sure they became competitive with the 360, and then hit a big misstep with the One. So, it would be a YES; it's enough time with competent leadership.

BehindTheRows124d ago (Edited 124d ago )


They got lucky during the 360 years that Sony fumbled, giving them an opening. They have yet to prove they can go toe-to-toe with PlayStation when it's steamrollin' ahead (PS2/4/5).

sagapo124d ago

@Behind: it was both imo. Sony took a risk with Cell but MS had a great exclusive game line up as well.

In the end, the X360/PS3 era remains the best era for me gamewise. Both were awesome.

343_Guilty_Spark124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Sony got Gaikai and Onlive and did what what with them?


How Sony bought, and squandered, the future of gaming
PlayStation Now had the keys to the cloud gaming kingdom, but Sony barely stuck a toe in the door


I can say the same about MS squandering its own internal talent and not properly managing them for over the decade but I can’t blame MSFT for investing in their core strength.

Mobile streaming is an Uber-niche market even smaller than VR. And no ABK never had any major plans to release all its games on a streaming platform.

Chevalier124d ago

"How Sony bought, and squandered, the future of gaming
PlayStation Now had the keys to the cloud gaming kingdom, but Sony barely stuck a toe in the door"

Even Google worth 6-7 times Sony couldn't get streaming to work. Whereas Sony working to their strengths broke back to back industry sales records, game sales record with 1.5 billion games sold, best all times quarterly console sales and are on track to break the industry record again for like a 3rd time. So yeah I think they'll survive.

Want to talk about squandered? Xbox 20+ years and still selling like trash.

Extermin8or3_123d ago

Not trying thry used the tech to setup ps now and to improve remote play considerably. Unfortunately cloud infastructure pvroved too coatly for anyone but the largest tech companies

343_Guilty_Spark123d ago


They gave up on Stadia. Barely any advertising, no high profile games, nothing.

And what you’re basically saying is no one can possibly hope to establish a cloud platform. Which is a lie.

Amazon has stuck with Luna.
Nvidia has stuck with GeForce
Microsoft has stuck with XCloud

Even tiny Boosteroid is sticking with Cloud.

Interesting that Nvidia did. Amazon did.

derek123d ago

@343, cloud gaming may be a nascent market but cloud infrastructure is dominated by only a hand full of competitors including Microsoft. That's the concern that Microsoft uses it cloud infrastructure, monopoly in computer operating systems and a potential stranglehold on content to kill off any chance for a competitor to establish themselves in a future cloud gaming market. Remember good guy Phil bragged about Nintendo/ Sony being "out of position " when comes to the future of gaming because of this. Don't take issue with the CMA taking good guy Phil and big mouth Microsoft executives at their word.

fr0sty123d ago

Cloud gaming isn't quite ready for prime time... still too much input lag. It's a cool concept, but I wouldn't ever play a fighter, or FPS, or anything else that requires split second decision making.

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rlow1123d ago

Lol, probably you should have offered your services to the EU. Set them straight by showing them the errors of their ways.

-Foxtrot123d ago

Well that's exactly what they aren't getting

They are looking at what's happening now, not what is possible or could potentially happen in the future.

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MrDead124d ago

"She went on to say that the EU had concerns that Microsoft might make Activision Blizzard games exclusive to its own cloud gaming service. However, Vestager said Microsoft's 10-year deals with other cloud streaming providers outside of Microsoft's helped the EU get on board and approve the deal."

I think I know what got the EU on board:

"The tech lobbying focuses on two key pieces of legislation. The Digital Markets' Act lists do's and don'ts for tech giants, and the Digital Services Act requires companies to do more to police content on their platforms.

The study warned about the industry's access to the European Commission, with lobbyists involved in three-quarters of the 270 meetings Commission officials had on the two draft laws.

It also cited the role played by trade and business associations, think tanks and even political parties in promoting the tech industry's narrative."

MS lobbied to neuter the The Digital Markets Act.

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gold_drake124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

shes right that sony has a bigger foot in the gaming console world, HOWEVER, MS has had every chance to turn it around, and didnt.

this alone would not suffice to buy out one of the biggest publishers in the world, since MS already is a 2 TRILLION dollar company

Chevalier124d ago

Exactly 💯. Shouldn't reward incompetence which is exactly what would happen if this sales goes through. The whole boohoo Playstation and Nintendo have far better exclusives entitles us to buy a huge publisher to even the odds is a sham.

It's like they are allowed to assume these great franchises weren't built up and just fell in their lap. No they actually had to work for that MS/Xbox so GTFO with this bullshit excuses.

thornintheside123d ago

I think the EU would look at what things look like now, not how good/poorly you did in the past

gold_drake123d ago

that is literally not the point.

jznrpg124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

MS fault for ditching consoles for PC day 1 and not making games good enough to get console sales