Alan Wake 2's New Hero, Saga Anderson, Ushers In Remedy's "Darkest Version" Of The Sequel - Gamespot

Gamespot : In an exclusive in-depth look at Remedy's horror sequel, we got to meet the game's new star.

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Sonyslave3124d ago

I hope Jessi make a cameo in this game.

Magog124d ago

It should have just been Jessi. I don't know why they wouldn't go for that synergy.

toxic-inferno123d ago

I suppose they'd then have to give the player Jessi's usual abilities (or come up with a convuluted reason why she didn't have her abilities), which would make the game feel more like a Control game.

And it's likely Saga will have some link to the Bureau - it's the most obvious way to tie the world of Control into the world of Alan Wake.

potatoseal124d ago

Watching her in the FBI jacket, makes it feel much cooler for some reason. Like a True Detective tv show or something. Very excited for this

RaidenBlack124d ago

Shame, very few people are talking about this game. AWII is mostly in the spotlight becoz of the digital only fiasco.
But the game itself looks soo good and interesting. Easily the best looking game at the showcase.
Can't wait for summer game fest's full length gameplay demo.

Flewid638124d ago

I felt Spidey had better graphical fidelity, but animation wise, Phantom Blade -0- stole the show for me.

SullysCigar124d ago

Reminds me a little bit of Heavy Rain, scouring the crime scene as a cop in the middle of a downpour - it felt cool. I'm liking what I see so far of AW2.

BehindTheRows124d ago

Ironically, back in the 2008-2010 period, the original Alan Wake was often compared with Heavy Rain as well!

hotnickles124d ago

Can’t wait I’m a fan of that universe in general

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