Phantom Blade Zero Game Length Is 30-40 Hours, Multiplayer Confirmed

The Phantom Blade Zero game length will clock in at 30-40 hours and multiplayer has been confirmed Reveal trailer combat was all in-engine but was set in a more "cinematic" camera.

Magog12d ago

Sounds like the perfect length. Games these days have too much filler. Give me a nice tight experience any day.

excaliburps12d ago

30-40 is long enough as it is. There are side quests and multiplayer too. I really hope this game pans out.

Abracadabra12d ago

Curious question they made the dev...

"Question 6: Will it be time exclusive or release at the same time on other platforms?
For now we don’t have any exclusivity on any platform."

anast12d ago

I can play a game for 10hrs to 1000hrs. It depends if I am interested. Making a game fit to a time standard means nothing.

ElendilsSorrow12d ago

Some real doubt being cast on this game's release date like there was for Black Myth: Wukong. I hope it releases soon

Magog12d ago

All the different scenes being shown and how tight and varied the combat looks says to me it's close to finished. There were a whole lotta assets on display.

__SteakDeck__12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Don’t trust Chinese devs, until you see the final product and that’s if you actually see it.

Flawlessmic10d ago

Apparently development only started in 2022, it's impossible they could have the game looking and running like this in a yr and half.

I'd be very wary of this game guys, could be vapour ware from another no name Chinese dev.

Sonic188112d ago

I'm curious about how the multi-player works

raWfodog12d ago

I’m thinking maybe like Nioh or the Souls games where you can summon co-op (or even PVP) at certain areas.

CrimsonWing6912d ago (Edited 12d ago )

That’s a bummer it was shown with a “cinematic camera” that’s not what will be in the actual game. I was hoping it used that angle for the gameplay.

MADGameR12d ago

Wow, and it has a multiplayer??? I have to admit I didn't expect that. Certainly more excited for this game.

RedDevils12d ago

I rather not, this would make it take longer.

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