Bungie Wants Players' Actions to Affect Everyone in Marathon

Bungie has some ambitious game design plans for Marathon. The actions of a group of players could affect the entire community.

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Christopher129d ago

Ah. Great. They want people to troll other people with their own actions. Great. Yay. Awesome. Thrilled. Amazing. Can't wait to pass on this game because people with more time than I have will affect my game experience in ways I didn't ask for. Totally hasn't been tried with many an MMO and failed because of it.

Julion0715128d ago

How about you cry after you try the game? Or how about you stop crying because you dnt plan on playing the game anyway.

Christopher128d ago

How about you let me have my opinion and I'll let you have yours?

CantThinkOfAUsername128d ago

Anyone who has played a multiplayer game before would immediately understand why this is a bad idea.

EvertonFC128d ago

Don't be silly, everyone shits on games before they come out all the time. Didn't you know it's the norm these days 😂🤣👍

Julion0715128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

An opinion I would understand but this is jus crying

Christopher128d ago

It's easy to call opinions crying to belittle. How about you share an opinion rather than try to belittle my opinion?

shinoff2183128d ago

Or it's an expressive opinion. I think you jumped the gun julion

-Foxtrot127d ago

How is it crying

We've seen what Bungie did with Destiny, you can pretty much guess how another live service game by them is going to go

It's like people just think people who criticize are pulling things out of thin air when really history gives us a good rough idea of what possibly will happen.

I mean this isn't even Marathon, it's just a GaaS game using the IP as nostalgia

fr0sty127d ago

You've seen what they did with Destiny under Activision, there hasn't been enough time passed since sony acquired them to see how it will evolve without Activision pulling the strings.

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Stanjara128d ago

The title should be: Who swipes credit card more will affect everyone in Payathlon.

Tacoboto128d ago Show
anast127d ago

This is will probably happen. Too many downvotes for a decent prediction.

Sonic1881127d ago

I agree with you but I think this live service game is going to fail big time

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blue88128d ago

This game better be successful because Sony giving Bungie a lot of power over they’re live services games.

Rude-ro128d ago

Sony does not have a lot of power on this game…
This game was a contract dating back to 2017/18 and is only attached to bungie due to the partnership.

Flenter128d ago

Ehm....Bungie=Sony. They bought them for 3 billion remember?

hotnickles128d ago

Could be interesting. With no campaign they are trying new things to get their PVP only games with dynamic narratives instead of traditional story content. It’s certainly DOA for me but it will be interesting to see how those kinds of players take it.

Christopher127d ago

In previous games with these aspirations what typically happens is content griefing or limited access that most gamers who don't have the time to put into it feel like they miss out on content while those with the time pretty much dictate when it is available.

In this age of steamer content, I think most people will be thrown off that they can't experience it at the same level or Bungie will have to implement it in such a way that the "evolving world" is more the "unlock this content now world".

I'm very surprised to see Bungie go this route. These type of player controlled games have never been as popular as your walled off content games because the people who benefit from it are extremely few because of the lack of walls.

This has been true since the first age of MMOs and no one has ever done it in a way other than putting up walls to prevent player abuse in content.

hotnickles127d ago

I’m not even sure what the context behind this style is because I don’t play these MP only/MMO games.

Can u give a past example of content grieving or how everybody isn’t on the same page with this formula?

To me it just sounds like dying light 2 where the players actions shape the world around. This sounds like the same just on a mass scale. “If majority of players choose this option then this city is run by this faction” type of thing.

Julion0715127d ago

Now this is a comment I can agree with you on

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Christopher127d ago

Re: "Can u give a past example of content grieving or how everybody isn’t on the same page with this formula?"

So, first, it's solely PvP. Players evolving the world will have the inherent need to have a reward for their actions, which means something others can't get otherwise it's a washed system of rewards that doesn't fuel PvP.

Second, players will form guilds in the game based on their ability to participate at the needed level. People wth more time and maybe even a job around streaming will inherently form groups with those like them, meaning having tons of time and lots of experience in such games. Just imagine the people who constantly stream running Destiny raids like it's nothing, but now it's in a solely PvP world.

Third, the mass majority of players who play games, including PvP focused ones, are casual or people who enjoy it but don't have the time.

All of tis leads to PvP worlds where you will have the haves and the have nots.

As for past games, there are a lot but here are a few examples:

Dark Age of Camelot open PvP server. The base game already had what I would call a walled off PvP element with the frontier areas where people from different realms would fight people from the other two realms in massive groups to take forts and hold them to improve PvE drop rates and even dungeon access at times. But, a very small number of players wanted that fully open PvP server where anyone could go anywhere. So, they added it. End result? Guilds comprised of people who rapidly level to max camping outside of capitol cities and killing anyone who comes out, respawning them back in the city. Same thing with dungeons. The gamers were supposed to "police themselves" but that's just a losing game that goes nowhere because people get tired of policing people who only want to grief others rather than play the actual game. That server died off like crazy after the first two months and 99.8% of the player base for the game as a whole existed on other servers.

Shadowbane. an MMO where the players evolved the world and built their own cities. Past the tutorial lands, you were in the lands of every other gamer. For its time, a truly massive step toward what many hoped would be a world where players could drive everything. You give them the tools, they make the cities, build alliances, and move the world forward. The problem? No consequences to anything and alliances broke, people betrayed constantly, and even worse people started cheating to get ahead or prevent disaster. It was one of the first games where I truly saw how far gamers would go to push the system and abuse the designed elements to prevent others from doing things. It quickly became a very small community of gamers as the people who couldn't keep up just felt like they were the toy things of the bigger guilds and could never advance or get anywhere. Kind of like starting Monopoly halfway through the game.

Christopher127d ago

[Part 2]
Then you have your modern PvP-server-based games (Rust, DayZ, Conan Exiles, etc.) But let's just look at Fallout 76 since it's from a company similar to Bungie. Besides its pretty rampant bugs a la Bethesda games, it promoted PvP heavily and it did so in a manner that encouraged people to find and abuse bugs. And cheating is common, though not rampant. But Then came along the nuclear keycards and the usual exploits to get more. Well, there's a world of nukes just going off by those who do it. The exploits in the game are numerous, solo PvP is a choice but one that is quickly squashed by those who play religiously with others. What saves these games for the most part is that it allows you to create your own instances of the game so you can control who is there or just play solo even. And the problem here is that Bungie is going full in on this design without that option. That means whatever players find and do, everyone will have to deal with it.

Now, they paint their concept as "Oh, players discovered a new area to explore, now everyone can!" But that's not how it will be. There needs to be a carrot to fuel people to go for these things. They need to be valuable. They need to be worth achieving and opening. The also need to be something that isn't just readily available to everyone, otherwise, where's the competition?

I've never seen a system like this work like they ideologically present them to be. Division PvP has rampant bugs and cheaters. Why wouldn't this game? Oh, they'll stop them? Just like CoD stops them years later and then new cheats pop up? And then on top of that, you have the more active for the less active. Without walls, these systems are left up to the players to decide and the players in charge always decide what it is and players aren't benevolent.

hotnickles127d ago

1.) I mean yeah but there are some interesting ways u could implement a dynamic narrative without diverting focus from the PvP. Hopefully it’s something new and unrelateable but something like the MKX factions where u reach rewards as a “faction” piggybacking off of those who have the time. MKX factions kinda sucked too but I’m talking about the background stuff going on that doesn’t hurt anyone. A story element like that could be interesting.

2 &3) oh ok I figured all pvp games were like that that’s why I don’t play them lol. Isn’t there always those strong guilds that just crush everyone? I mean I feel you, I don’t want to buy lootboxes to compete with try hards either. That’s not my jam, I avoid em.

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Stanjara127d ago

Strongest players:
- get together (strong because battlepass, credit swipe and game time),
- complete artifacts and open new areas for all.
- go to an entrance of a new area and wait for casual players to farm them to death.

You, as a normal player, can't play full content and nobody wants you in their party cause your gear and lv are too weak.

This frustrates you and guides you to a credit card shop where the game earns money.


Profchaos128d ago

Sounds like the f76 nuke situation again

-Foxtrot127d ago

I don't know why you are getting disagrees it's like people haven't went through the dozen of shitty live service games which try to do this and other similar things. It's like nothing has happened and no one has learnt a thing.

They'll buy it day 1, realise it's not that good or it's exactly what people have been saying, then moan about it not realising their sale has just funded more games like this to happen and when the next game is announced the cycle is repeated all over again.

JEECE128d ago

Disappointing to see Bungie going from leaders to followers with an extraction shooter. I'm not a huge fan of live service games, but at least with Destiny they were setting the standard, rather than just jumping on a trend late, like they are now.