On June 8, Remedy will showcase a long gameplay demo of Alan Wake II at Summer Game Fest

Alan Wake 2 will be at Summer Game Fest 2023 Play Days with a long gameplay demo to be shown to the esteemed members of the gaming press.

AmUnRa128d ago

Who gives a f*ck about the gamingpress, show that gameplay demo on YouTube, you know...for the gamers, cous they will play the game.


Biggest New Games Of October 2023: The Games Start Coming and They Don't Stop Coming

This year is set to go down as an all-timer in the gaming industry, with October 2023 featuring a large host of big name releases

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jznrpg1d 17h ago (Edited 1d 17h ago )

I want to play Alan Wake but I’m not buying another digital only game this year. I still haven’t bought Baldurs Gate 3 but if do buy a digital only game that will be the one but I’m still holding out as I have tons of games to play and don’t like buying digital only. I hate this practice and don’t want to support it. I understand small indie games sometimes being digital only but those are rare too. But these bigger games can easily get someone to print them 100k or more copies and they will all sell.

gold_drake1d 17h ago

yh im holding off on Alan wake too.

the digital only is stupid as hell. there is no way that the physical media costs them so much.

Profchaos3h ago

I think I read it's like $8 or something Sony charges for the disc and publish in fee which is Inline with ms and switch costs more with the 16gb cart which replaces the 8gb model being a little more than the PS4 disc but higher 32gb capacity is right up there as such also the reason why publishers release huge patched on day 1 for switch


Alan Wake 2 Won’t Have a Performance Mode on Xbox Series S

The survival horror title's 60 FPS mode will only be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, Remedy Entertainment has confirmed.

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Jin_Sakai14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

Guess the majority of Xbox players will be stuck with 30fps then.

darthv7211h ago

Having a perf mode is certainly a nice option, but I believe the devs said its supposed to be a 30fps game. And given that there are plenty of games on S without a perf mode... it doesnt seem to phase anyone who plays them.

TQQ10h ago

I bet the resolution and settings are higher on performance PS5 than 30 FPS Series S.

You're really reaching trying to pass this off as a good thing.

Jin_Sakai9h ago

The majority of Xbox gamers playing the inferior version at half the frame rate isn’t a good thing. Stop the damage control.

EvertonFC1h ago

That's because Xbox gamers are approx 90% casuals.

1Victor11h ago

It would be foolish to expect anything less 🤦🏿

thesoftware7308h ago(Edited 8h ago)


Lol you sound so geeky.

thesoftware7308h ago(Edited 8h ago)

I noticed you are championing this narrative

"Majority of Xbox gamers own a SS."

You know most people who give a shit about your geek wars are on these types of messages boards right? And most likely have a S/X if they own an Xbox right?. Like me😁, I own a SX and and SS.

The majority of console players don't give two flying shits about the FPS and the dumb shit we debate about. So while you seem to be teasing, you are teasing the wrong people...go outside in RL, stand in front of a GameStop, wait for someone to buy an SS, then when they walk out.....say

"Na na na na, you can only play your game at 30fps", oh and don't forget to stick your tongue out at them.

thornside2h ago

You sound like a salty cry baby,

EvertonFC1h ago

Imagine playing the Series S for the next 4/5 years 🤭 says it all really, gamers but not gamers just casuals who like MT, f2p and GaaS and early access games.

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shadowT14h ago

trade in your Xbox Series S for a Xbox Series X - all problems solved

purple10112h ago

Trade it in for a ps5 even more problems solved

Einhander197211h ago

You'll also probably pay less and get a free game.

TQQ10h ago


Ya know, except for the biggest game this holiday Spider-Man and the biggest release in the first quarter of 24 with Final Fantasy Rebirth. And a ton of other exclusives like Helldivers and Granblue Fantasy: Relink and many others...

Jin_Sakai9h ago


“They have no games tho.“

Spider-Man 2 one of the biggest games this generation will be releasing later this month and will run at 60fps with Ray Tracing enabled. Can’t say the same for Starfield.

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Chevalier11h ago

"They have no games tho"

Philly is correct. Xbox gots no games. Definitely not worth owning an Xbox for the most part. The odd game here and there.

EvertonFC1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

And then what, 1 AAA game called SF in 13 years.

Vits14h ago

I assume that is pretty fine for the majority of the users. Just hope that the game itself can keep a stead 30fps or 60fps in the case of the other consoles. Remedy is not particularly known for its optimization, the Remaster of the original title was known to drop into the 50s on the PS5/Series X for example.

eagle2112h ago(Edited 12h ago)

I was watching Digital Foundry yesterday discussing the performance of Phantom Liberty across current gen consoles and Series S had sizable frame dips and screen tearing. So this is Microsoft's best selling model? I hope games like Grand Theft Auto 6 don't get gimped because of Series S. PS5 performance by the way was awesome. Series X was comparable to PS5...but they seemed to prefer PS5 version overall. Loading was faster on PS5 by DOUBLE. 8 seconds (PS5) verses 15.5 seconds (Series X).....

That Series S needs to go....2024 will reveal its limitations as developers stop support for last gen consoles and Series S will fail to keep up with Series X while Sony will unleash the beast in PS5.

BLow6h ago

I could have sworn I heard that the only difference between the S and X would be the resolution. Anyone remember who said that? Was it a Sony fanboy lol?

TQQ12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

I bet the Series S is why you see so many people complain that there is no big difference between last gen and this gen.

Series S is just dragging the generation down and damaging over all perception of the generation.

Hofstaderman9h ago

Except for first party games on a certain console and some third party console exclusives...