Alone In The Dark Reinvents Itself With Hollywood Actors, Resident Evil Influences - Gamespot

The remake of the 1992 horror adventure game is leaning into more modern elements, and bringing a few famous faces along for the ride.

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SullysCigar8d ago

Definitely interested.

Not digging the overuse of sepia tones. It reminds me of early PS3 games, looking a little washed out. The shooting looks poor right now, too. The fact that they've got the write of Soma, though, means this is well and truly on my radar. Looking forward to finding out more.

RaidenBlack8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Looks really atmospheric.
And the perfect Remake candidate. The OG game is 30 years old.
Releasing few days after Alan Wake II is kind of risky.
But anyways, I want this to be good, "The forefather of Survival Horror RETURNS".

Magog8d ago

They managed to make Jodie Comer look old and ugly. Wtf. She's gorgeous.

TricksterArrow8d ago

Looks fine to me...? Even a tiny bit younger on the game itself, TBH.

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