Dragon's Dogma 2 Is Single-Player Only, AI Pawn System Returns

Capcom has revealed some key details on the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma 2, revealing the game will be a single-player action-RPG, so that means no Monster Hunter-style co-op.

shinoff21831d 6h ago

Glad to hear it's single player only if i decide to check it out

potatoseal16h ago

Yeah me too. I was worried it would be like 4-player co-op or some shit lol

porkChop1d 5h ago

Just like the first game. That's fine with me. I'm glad the pawn system is returning. I can't wait to see how they've updated it.

Magog1d 5h ago

A lot of the fights look very similar to the first one. I was hoping they would take it to the next level. The fights were great but all these years later I expected an evolution.

repsahj23h ago

Me too, I thought the next Dragons Dogma's graphics will be as close as the Deep Down trailer.

phoenixwing1d 4h ago

If you want a gaas service multi-player go play halo or wait for Sony to release theirs.

Lore1d 2h ago

What’s the issue with a co-op experience option similar to Elden Ring?

phoenixwing1d 2h ago

@lore maybe you're willfully ignorant but I can't help but believe co op 9 times out of ten changes the gameplay significantly. You simply can't have a cold op experience setup the same as a single player it takes resources away from devs that most of the time didn't have time or money to waste.

NotoriousWhiz1d 1h ago

So now all coop is bad? Lol yall crazy. Are you going to rejoice when coop is removed from the Tales games too? It's okay to have coop without it being gaas.

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