PlayStation Showcase Shines Light On PS5's Future With A Serving Of Disappointment

2023's PlayStation Showcase displays what the future holds for the PlayStation 5 platform despite being fairly disappointing as a whole.

Jin_Sakai2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

CGI, GaaS and 3rd party games. Basically everything but what fans wanted. Where’s all the first party games? We waited over 600 days for this showcase and it was crap!

Flawlessmic2d ago

Summed it up well Lord Sakai!!!

the 3rd party games that were shown a lot of them looked awesome no doubt, but this should've been a 3rd party state of play.

Miss me with all the CGI rubbish, live service as well, although I have to admit helldivers 2 piqued my interest.

Spider man 2 looked off the hook but we all knew that would be the case, insomniac are wizards and the literal back bone of sony right now.

But yea excluding 3rd party, its the only show from Sony that i can remember ever feeling deflated after it.

not only did they barely show anything, but we got no dates for anything either, poor form for a much anticipated Sony showcase.

Jin_Sakai2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Exactly. Everyone was expecting Spider-Man 2 but that was literally it for first party reveals. No surprises at all from first party studios.

• Sucker Punch nearly 3 years since GoT
• Sony Bend 4 Years since Days Gone released
• Bluepoint going on 3 years since Demons Souls
• Santa Monica nearly 5 years working on new IP
• Naughty Dog Factions nowhere to be seen
• Team Asobi…?

outsider16242d ago

Insomniac's solid back carrying the PS5 right now.

Hofstaderman2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

These articles coming hard and fast from certain corners hey? First was the Liquid Metal metal claim that puts vertical use of PS5 as being risky for hardware failure. Then it’s was how the Activision deal would be the death-knell for Sony and now this. And yes this showcase did not meet my expectations but I’m very certain there’s games that we have not been shown.

Current sales and year on year growth says otherwise. I’m eating good next couple of months with Final Fantasy and Spider-Man. And you know what? I’m certain my gaming menu will be looking good for the rest of the console’s lifespan. Almost 30 years of Sony PlayStation consistency is my landmark on this take.

Flawlessmic2d ago

The Sony doom and gloom articles are ridiculous there is no doubt s are coming and top notch ones at that.

But the criticism around the show is more than fair, any thing past that is over done.

Hofstaderman2d ago

I agree with you. The showcase was average. Everybody overhyped themselves.

curtain_swoosh2d ago

yeh, its getting abit ridiculous on gaming websites "hot takes"